All One Era

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“There are those who speak of secret societies, and this is minor compared to the power of this mystical order of light that is unseen, and it is only connected through super consciousness, through the power of the Omni Force. It is moved by the Great Mysteries. It is moved by the force of the Source of Creation, and this speaks of the Covenant of Humanity, the purpose for human existence, and the fulfillment of the Prophecy of One is ascension.”
~ Judith K. Moore


For many years, I worked as the personal assistant to Eckhart Tolle, bestselling author of The Power of Now. He inspired me to follow my journey of enlightenment by training in Thailand. It was there that I was bestowed the privilege of being the only Western woman granted a spiritual name by the revered Master Monk Prah Bhasakorn. As a Canadian living in Thailand, studying the Buddha’s Dharma, I had a vision of a place called Kee Low Na. I had no idea what this place was like, but I was drawn to it.

After completing eight years, including one year of silent meditation, I was given a foundation of knowledge that would compel me forward into a new phase of my life. I knew, as I followed my heart, that I would bring my rich and blessed experiences to Kee Low Na, or Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. The experience in my new home has been serene, as one glorious spirit after another joined my path, including the treasured encounter and presence of a man who is like a brother to me…or as he puts it, “You are da Momma and I am da Poppa.” That man is Stephen Cipes.

It is an honor to write this foreword for my dear friend and spiritual colleague, Stephen. I immediately recognized his abilities as a leader and spiritual teacher from the very moment we met at a Summerhill Pyramid gathering, where he invited me to speak and offer blessings. Upon meeting, we understood in
our hearts that we have a deep soulful connection for expanding love on this planet. Stephen continues to spark a wonderful light in my heart, reminiscent to that of my six years of close association with my former spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle.

Stephen Cipes is a visionary. He walks his talk of being “God in a body.” As an entrepreneur, he welcomes thousands of visitors a day at his award-winning Summerhill Pyramid Winery, which he boasts is the most
visited winery in Canada. All his wines and the food at the bistro are organic and he is leading a vision to convert the entire OkanaganValley to organic practices by the year 2020. More importantly, Stephen hosts new and full moon gatherings at the pyramid wine cellar, which he built to precision as a scale model of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Following the pyramid meditations, he brings the community around the fire in a reproduction of an authentic Winter Kekuli – an underground “pit house” that the Okanagan People dwelled in. Joining together in each other’s Light, attendees unite for drumming and dancing. Having been a part of these gatherings, I have witnessed how Stephen is a natural host, opening his eighty-acre vineyard to “The Grand Teachings.” He is living out his vision of bringing everyone back together, to
nature, and to the roots of the All One Era message of unity.

His message is in harmony with many spiritual teachers and authors that I have had the privilege to work alongside. His writing is a masterful summation of the power and oneness alive in all of us. Stephen’s book, All One Era, intertwines the Grand Teachings with stories from his own life experiences. It highlights an array of pivotal suggestions on how all of us can regain our own “God Power.”

This book is a must-read for anyone ready to step into the authentic self of peace, clarity and serene confidence, or as Stephen puts it, welcome back the true power of our Genius Selves. It is for those wanting to return to nature, ceremony and community, and most importantly, return to the divinity they may have lost. This is a masterful read and epic tale told through Stephen’s own accounts.

Stephen has written this book from his heart. In it, you will be witness to Stephen as he rises above his early childhood challenges of being on his own since age thirteen and becomes an entrepreneur with the world as his family. He takes us through an exciting and daring, yet playful synopsis of his many lives in this lifetime, with each shared memory catapulting the reader into what he calls “Fifth Dimensional Love.”

I am delighted to wholeheartedly introduce Stephen’s wondrous work, and I have highlighted a great number of his passages as ideal for individual workshop projects (see He brings us an opportunity to establish a worldwide network with a return to unity and our power as the Grand All-Knowing Beings that he proclaims we are.

In loving Kindness, Maytawee


Dear Readers,

Not always, but often, I feel confident enough to speak from my heart, as God in a body. That is how I have tried to write this book. It is my highest dream that we all speak as God/Goddess in a body, and it is my hope that this book outlines a master plan for us all to reunite and celebrate our highest dreams and our original pure love intentions. I wish from my heart of hearts for  everyone to join me as we rejoice in receiving the ever-present magnificence we bathe in called the Loving Universal Consciousness (LUC). There is no separation, we are all bathing in this warm sea of life.

In the year 2002, I drafted an outline for this book with the title My Trees, My Dolphins while on a journey with Dr. Jose Cabanillas on his 600-acre medical research retreat in the Amazon jungle of Peru, where beautiful pink dolphins (boto) flourished in the fresh water. The primitive naked peoples living in huts
along the river had decided to kill the dolphins as these mammals had been eating the fish that was their sustenance. I also witnessed the trees being torn out by huge machines to make room to plant grains for cows to graze for fast food restaurant chain hamburgers and I watched the people line up to throw garbage over the bridge into the river, day and night. I cried out in horror and became ill and disheartened. My cries, and all our cries, are being heard now, at a time I pray is not too late.

The All One Era, the “Prophecy of Prophecies,” is our ascension into the loving “no time”. We are assimilating all the dimensions by Knowingness: a mergence into our Eternal Oneness. As an ascended human, our individual Holy Oneness is fully realized. As an ascended humanity, we return to our Original Splendid Intention, which is ever-expanding unbounded Holy Love and a Knowing of our Selves, Nature, our Earth and all of the universe. This ensures our perpetuation, four renewal of life! I have found that the key to our ascension is allowing Knowingness; the key to allowing Knowingness is surrender; the key to surrender is proactive receiving; the key to receiving is oneness with Spirit flowing through us as conduits, and as microcosms of the universe; AND the key to becoming a conduit is embracing our holiness which is a taking back of our divine power in humble grace. In other words knowing we are ‘Goded’.

I wish to speak one-to-one, as an ambassador for the grandest platform we humans could ever embrace: our Knowingness of who we are. I speak to you as casually as a long-lost friend, an uncle, brother, or dad, a child of seven years of age in a body of a seasoned entrepreneur who has loved the world as his
family since being on my own in the seventh grade, and a person who shares a life of extreme triumphs, abundance and total joy showing that we can all share in joy and abundance!

My life has felt like many lives in one. I have ventured down into the darkest places and lived among some of the most depressed people on earth. Since childhood, I have reached out to understand first-hand the truths and suffering of humanity, and the spaces in which we can welcome more peace, kindness and understanding with each other and with our precious Mother Earth. I have sought solace and enlightenment by embracing the traditions of nine different religions and I feel complete oneness with those of all ethnic

Born to Jewish parents, I grew up in an Irish-Italian neighborhood, and chose to become a devout Catholic, beginning in my late teens. I learned to cherish the work of Jesus and the Saints, instantly recognizing Jesus’ teachings and saw that He was a pure vessel and conduit of Divine Spirit. That was the beginning
of my quest to reveal that indeed we are all conduits of Spirit. For many years, I was deeply immersed in being Seventh Day Adventist and feel very blessed for having enjoyed that experience. I also drank in the teachings of Buddhism, Shintoism, Hinduism, Bahá’i, Judaism, Islam and Taoism. To this day, I share each religion’s teachings, while staying closely connected to the resounding messages of all the Great Masters. Like my Native Aboriginal brothers and sisters, I reach out to the Earth Herself. In bare feet, we stand oneon-one
with the stars, moon, and sun; we celebrate their cycles and become one. In sacred sweat lodges, we merge with the animals and the plants, and are even one with the rocks, the rivers, the sky, and the oceans. This is our true religion, and the golden thread that ties all religions and all of us together.

Through my life’s journey, I have also been very blessed to learn from, work with, and become close to many beings of all ethnic backgrounds. In my heart of hearts, I am truly African, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Egyptian, Native American, Greek, Irish, German and all of the ethnic origins. My wish is for my life and the messages within these pages to transcend all religions, races, and economic sectors, while at the same time being one with each of them. My yearning for deep understanding has taken me to a place where I truly feel like I am a composite of humanity, as we all are. We are all tribal. Every culture, religion, race, creed, and color began with gatherings around the fire. These roots unite us as they were and are our strength and soul memory. It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a return to our roots to recreate a heart-centered awakening and call to action.

We are taking back our power and lifting the veils of separation! We are opening our “receiving hearts” and welcoming our most basic universal soul memory! In nature-honoring gatherings, which are conducive to meditation, we are richly nourishing our natural ability to open our Selves, our “God Selves,” to our infinite love, power and genius-level Knowingness.

In this era of highest vibration and unified conscious alignment, which officially began on December 21, 2012 – which was the ending of the ancient Mayan Calendar, we are welcoming the Master’s return! The Master is us! Each of us is now catapulting our own ascension as we give our love to ‘all there is’ and
open ourselves to receiving Divine Guidance!

The first model venue for All One Era gatherings has been established in Kelowna, British Columbia at Summerhill Pyramid Organic Winery. Since 1997, the four-season changes have been celebrated in the pyramid when it is most perfectly aligned and most effective on the Solstices and Equinoxes. The Summerhill Pyramid, a sixty-foot square, four-story replica of The Great Pyramid of Egypt, serves as a cellar for all the organic wines produced and as a sacred chamber for meditations that are held in concert with the changes of
nature. The Summer Solstice attracts record crowds to the pyramid every year. The Winter Solstice, with its traditional procession of participants  holding a candle and filing from the pyramid to the Makwala Memorial
Kekuli always brings light on the darkest day of the year. The Spring and Fall Equinox gatherings have been joyous celebrations all these years, with dancing and drumming around the sacred fire in the Kekuli, alongside veggie potluck feasts. Since the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012, the Kelowna community also celebrates the new moon every month in the pyramid for females only and men only in the Kekuli, and full moon for families in both the pyramid and Kekuli. With twenty-eight events a year, the community’s contact list now numbers in the thousands of loyal enthusiasts and is growing every month.

Returning to gatherings is a gigantic step for humankind, conducive to catapulting ascension just by being in each other’s bands of energy!

This all one era vision for humanity is lifting the veil of separation. It is a specific proactive master plan of action, worldwide connections, and gatherings.

Reuniting the loving cosmic vibrations that indeed we are. This is, perhaps, in the history of creation, the most passionate and significant message that we can share. We each have the magnificent power within us to affect our entire creation! We ARE God. We ARE Love. Everyone in their heart of hearts knows this most powerful of universal truths. The core foundation of this book is the revelation of the word “love”. We humans are the conduits of the infinite cosmic consciousness that yearns to be revealed as we surrender and open to receive and proactively give to the LUC, which is us in all of our ultidimensions.
We are now revealing that our greatest fear is the fear of our own grandness. We have Divine Knowingness. As receivers and conduits of spirit, we Know all there is in the moment. There are none in our entire universe greater than we are, and none are grander than any other. We are all one, each a microcosm of the universe, and collectively the LUC. I am honored and humbled to be Guided to share the light of coming into our Knowingness, our genius state, where our bodies’ electrical systems are in full vibratory resonance – a state we have all touched upon in dreams, meditations, and daydreams, and a state well worth proactively devoting our precious time in bodies to achieve!

At this time, I feel so “in service” to nurture the All One Era with a working model for a worldwide network – a holistic way to joyfully and organically re-establish our co-creating (Quantum Physics) from moment-to-moment with Spirit on our heavenly emerald planet. This book outlines the ultimate call to
action. Fused within these pages is a focus on going within, where we are all one, in the essence of the glorious soul of the world. We have the ability to feel and Know the vibration of all of creation within our bodies. We are catapulting a powerful taking back of our glorious original love, Holy Love.

We are now almost 8 billion strong. We ARE Divine Beings whose time is NOW for love. The greatest service to humanity is for us to know our divinity. As each of us ascends to this Knowingness, it enriches us all eternally.

With blessings, love, gratitude, and excitement for this wondrous new era, and in Holy Oneness,

Stephen Cipes
1-833-ALL-1-ERA (1-833-255-1372)


Chapter 1: A Vision for Humanity

With all the many wondrous messages circulating in the world, there remains a huge void: The return to our oneness. I’d like to be openhearted and provide you with a stream of consciousness, so you might relate to why I feel so strongly about this.

It was exactly 3:18 a.m. on March 23, 2013, when I sat up and slipped into lotus position to behold the details of one of the most signifi cant dreams of my life. I remember it well. I was in Osaka, Japan with my wife Rie and our daughter, Esther. We were visiting Ojijan (Grandpa) and Obachan (Grandma) for the fi rst time since Esther was born three years prior. We had just enjoyed seven glorious weeks touring the many beautiful shrines and temples of the country and were staying in a sixth-fl oor suite located in the heart of Osaka, near Kyoto. The setting and my vision in the dream were so real, so lucid, that I felt as though I was fully awake.

In this “Osaka dream”, I was standing alone, surveying far-reaching and deeply impacting worldly destruction and chaos. I stood simultaneously within entire cities cleared out by the worst storm in recorded history, which actually happened shortly thereafter in the Philippines, and within an enormous
volcanic eruption that had just taken place in Iceland. I could see vast amounts of carbon; more carbon than our entire population could produce in hundreds of years, which also came to pass. I watched the shrinking and disappearance of the ozone layer (later confirmed by formal decree by The Hopi Elders).
I observed with utter sadness the sharp rise of cancers in animals and humans following the devastating effects of continued spewing of radioactivity from the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown. I saw and felt devastation of plant life from vast amounts of radiation, and contamination of agriculture from the acid rain. I watched the bees and butterflies be the first species to deeply suffer the brutality of the huge chemical and biological altering of nature at the hands of greedy chemical companies. I stood at the heart
of the Amazon rain forest, hearing the planet struggle to breathe as the greed of corporations tore down the trees to create soy bean and corn fields to feed cattle, whose gas depletes our ozone layer. I heard the cries of tortured whales, dolphins, elephants, and rare plants and animal species that were so rapidly becoming extinct, and I was aware of being so aghast by the physical impact of our complete absorption into the ‘human drama.’ The ‘human drama’, where we so often allow ourselves to be centered in fear and the perceived need for material and social status, rather than our lofty stewardship roles as co-creators.

As I witnessed the vividness of such travesty and destruction, from seemingly out of nowhere came an airplane, landing on a dime right before me. Emerging from the plane was a female person of glorious beauty. Her face was a composite of all the most magnificent female human faces I have ever had the
privilege and honor of knowing, and her energy was one of indescribable total purity and love. This radiant entity proceeded to reach out her hand and so lovingly touch the land before me, gifting visible magical healing energy upon every being, every circumstance, every plant and every animal. I got a glimpse of her unlimited love, and in that moment, it transformed the entire meaning of the word love. I’m unable to fathom, much less articulate, just what she did, who she touched, or how she did it, but what she did was all-encompassing and all-Divine – a total and complete rejuvenation of everything back to
teeming life! At the same time, I was shocked to behold her hand shrivelling as she swept it across the earth. I reached out to help her, but she signaled me a loving gesture that her hand was a small sacrifice for such a gain. She then leaned forward and told me not to worry, as there would surely be a way to reform her hand later. We enjoyed a loving, reassuring embrace and acknowledgment that indeed everything in the world is wondrous and perfect in every way. She hopped back on her little plane and took off, without a runway or rolling start. She simply disappeared as quickly as she had appeared, leaving me awestruck.

For the two hours that followed the dream, I slipped into lotus position and sat in deep meditation. During my reflection, I felt an overwhelming feeling of blessedness to have seen the actual face of God/Goddess and to have been with this Holy Composite Being who emanated such love that She gave her
hand to heal the world, while radiantly shining with love so deep there wasn’t a trace of concern about her own wellbeing. She had gestured to me that her hand is extended out for all time.

As I stood in her presence in the dream, I felt as though I was one with God like never before. She graces us and is one in eternal unconditional love. The profound lesson here is that there is no distinction between us, we too are one in eternal unconditional love. She came to me to show all of us that we can perform miracles! The Diva from the skies left an everlasting impression on my soul. I knew I had been blessed with the rarest of honors. I had beheld the angelic face of glorious, pure, cosmic love.

The Osaka dream, while being one of the most profound, is only one in a series of constant lucid dreams that I’ve had since childhood. In my dreams, I “travel” to ancient times and ancient places and to “future places,” where we are in “domes” traveling in space. Frequently, I have dreams where I can fly, and actually find myself working hard to move my wings.

I am in awe of being in a body. It is a glorious opportunity, but also a great challenge and burden, as we are “trapped” by the lowered frequencies required to be materialized. However, perhaps our having these bodies is our grandest opportunity to feel, know and nourish our Forever Souls with the enrichment of ever- expanding consciousness, love and compassion. Through the clarity of our dreams and visions, we are connected to energy and awareness that is multi-dimensional, and as we merge ourselves proactively
with all dimensions, we have the glorious opportunity to become conduits of pure love in bodies.

The images of desolation and catastrophes within my dream were a paralleled reflection of our sad realities. Our world has never been so close to complete and utter destruction. The earth has been weakened by the punches she has received at our hands; and what she may have survived in past decades, she cannot anymore. She is struggling, crying out for us to be in total consciousness with her to achieve harmony. As we begin to gather and share our closeness with our Earth, we bring in the light. As we all know, a single candle can light the darkest room. We are living on borrowed time. The pleas of starving children and cries of dying whales and elephants are the Earth letting out her last sighs of wanting to die. We have tortured her so, living from a space within ourselves that has not been aligned with Godance (Guidance as
one with God), or Divine Guidance.

The state of the planet today is much more seriously in jeopardy than we have been willing to accept as a whole, giving us all a very critical purpose in this lifetime. Today, Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth (2006) and Leonardo DiCaprio’s beautiful movie, Before the Flood (2016), clearly demonstrate how we humans live our daily lives on levels of “taking” that are far beyond our planet’s ability to catch up.

What would it take to have a wake-up call of major proportions? Have we gone too far beyond the tipping point to respond and to contribute, even if we were Guided from the highest sources? Will it take another war to wake us up? A gripping global economic collapse? A tidal wave that sets off nuclear reactors
and poisons us all with cancerous radiation? How about the melting of our ice and the rising of the sea, flooding land where over forty percent of our population resides? How about another ice age, as predicted? Why did An Inconvenient Truth not have an impact? It was there for all to see, and what did the world do? They held world summits and committed to lowering the carbon footprint using economic sanctions. And did they lower it? No! It was a joke. Dr. David Suzuki pointed out that the politicians who voted to lower it are no longer in office and those who are now, are not obligated to adhere to those commitments. He also pointed out that taxing industry with heavy fines, if they keep up spewing and polluting, is a joke. They just pass the costs along to the consumers. There is no way to enforce these noble but weak intentions.

As we are finally now sadly realizing, we are living in a world that has become entirely affected by our greedy materialism and its resultant pollution. Everyone is literally being drained by huge amounts of toxins in our foods that we’ve never had before. The whales and the dolphins have been severely affected by sonar emitted by military forces; the fish are getting cancer from spewing radiation and are full of mercury and microscopic traces of plastic; every ecosystem is absorbing pharmaceuticals; and our precious original seeds, plants, animals and many aboriginal humans are rapidly becoming extinct…all notwithstanding the valid argument that indeed one eruption by a volcano may emit more carbon than all of our factories put together.

We now know that we are intrinsically connected to that potential eruption and to all of nature. We can demonstrate that we have the power to actually affect nature! We have a Holy calling – a time in these extraordinary times, to re-enter our Oneness, our glory of taking back our power! We no longer have the luxury of throwing our hands in the air and giving away our power. Carpe Diem, seize the NOW. We are now rising to the occasion!

There is now the greatest urgency for self-sufficiency and self-rejuvenation. Never before has there been a more urgent, planet-wide need to grow our own food, to drink only clean water, breathe clean air, and minimize our exposure to the far-reaching pollution.

The most urgent need we currently have, for all of us beings, is for our fragile bodies (our temples) to return to their highly in-tune, harmonic vibration. On the brink of unprecedented planet-wide deterioration, we are realizing that only by going within do we stand a real chance to return to our oneness with nature and begin the physical restoration of our Earth and of our Selves.

It is a pivotal point, where we become proactive in releasing and surrendering our natural ego (that all in body have) and acknowledging the blessing of our original nature. Through our feminine receiving (our X chromosomes), we receive Guidance and instantly become Conduits of Spirit once again! As conduits, our bodies become our tools to create; and we, as the collective Holy Creators, ascend to being as one with all there is!

The Hermetica: The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs, a revival of the ancient Emerald Tablets by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy gives us a glimpse of our original splendid intention. I like to add that ‘we’ saw and instantly loved ourselves eternally.

The Hermetica:

  • Hermes derives his wisdom from a dramatic mystical revelation. While his mind is alert, yet still and empty, he hears God speaking to him. Hermes asks to be shown the true nature of reality, and suddenly everything begins to change before him.
  • In a mysterious vision, he witnesses the creation of the world. This vision is not meant to be understood intellectually but contemplated like images from dreams. However, we can explore a little of its deep meaning.
  • Hermes’ first experience is of an all-embracing Divine Light, which as he watches casts a shadow like dark restless water. Later he is told that this Light is the Mind of God, and the dark waters are the unlimited potential out of which God will fashion the universe.
  • This is a mystical vision of the first act of creation, remarkably similar to the modern scientific theory of the Big Bang. An explosion of light and energy slowly cools to become the black womb of space, into which suns and planets and finally ourselves are born.
  • This is a mystical vision of the first act of creation, remarkably similar to the modern scientific theory of the Big Bang. An explosion of light and energy slowly cools to become the black womb of space, into which suns and planets and finally ourselves are born.
  • This Word is like a blueprint that will organize a structured cosmos out of the chaos. Modern science might call it the fundamental Laws of Nature. This Word is the first idea in the Mind of God, from which everything springs.
  • Initiated into the secrets of the creation Hermes receives his Divine mission from the Supreme Being. Only this Knowledge he is told, can save those who live in darkness. Hermes must become a spiritual guide to all Mankind.

As we ascend in our Knowingness and gather and re-harmonize with our earth, we come into the revelation that we are one with Divinity. I’d like to coin the word “Knowingness” with a capital “K” throughout these messages. Knowingness is a word that has no element of doubt and aptly describes our ability to be conduits of the cosmic and natural vibrations that surround each of us and all there is at all times. It is that magical, wispy, silent yet loud, transparent yet color-filled, welling feeling of joy that titillates every atom
of every cell in our bodies, flooding in as we surrender and let go, let God, instead of holding on to our EGO (Edging God Out) selves focusing on wanting. As we open, we receive and merge with the “I Am” Holy Presence, where we are one with, feeling and receiving the Guidance and the revelation that we are
all Guided, versus us egotistically gloating over our achievements or being disappointed in our failures. Guidance is the subtle Knowingness that is sometimes seen only in later reflection.

Our Knowingness can be enhanced greatly as we align our lives with love, gratitude and a return to an organic nature. The honoring of ourselves and of our intimate connection with all of nature and our entire universe leads us to being in tune with our Original Splendid Intention, as described in The Hermetica where we set forth a vision of an ever-expanding Holy loving energy, both physically and spiritually. We can embrace Holiness – the swirling mass of loving energy that makes up the ethereal plane of consciousness – and welcome it into our everyday lives. While all of these things may sound heady, they actually come to us in a flash as soon as we open our feminine receiving channels and begin to behold the flow of loving energy known as Loving Universal Consciousness (LUC), a collection of our mutual clarity
and highest vibration at all times. As givers and receivers, we ARE the LUC. It is discovered when we go within to our hearts, our dreams, our soul memories, our essence, and our Knowingness. We can term it intuition, consciousness, Higher Self, or any term that is comfortable. To proactively acknowledge this
constant swirling energy is to behold our own Eternal Grandness and more importantly, our Presence in these precious bodies.

Consciousness is our gift. We have the unique opportunity in this blessed new era to all go within to open and surrender to Spirit. The time is now for love. The time is now for us all to start gathering regularly, as we have for eons, honoring nature and opening and surrendering to the luminous love that surrounds us, replenishing our super-consciousness. The time is now to return to our hearts. This is the only way we will have a chance to save our splendid creation, our precious playground, our sacred sublime home. We created Earth, where we enjoy the ideal conditions to prosper and flourish in abundance and peace and joy in ingenious bodies that are, each and every one, a microcosm of the entire universe…Indeed!

Many moons later, I found myself in a continuation of the Osaka dream, but without the honor of gazing upon the composite luminous face of the Goddess whose hand shriveled as She cleansed the earth before my eyes. In this new dream, it was only me, standing as one, amidst the chaos, crisis, destruction, fear, and despair that surrounded me. I stood as the collective of all of us. I was facing the momentous burden of repairing the damage we have done to our Earth, and to ourselves. I felt within me a holistic connectedness
with our Earth, and instantly knew and felt our grandness and oneness, and how all-powerful this golden connection was and is the key to saving our precious Earth. It was a jolt of empathy, understanding, contemplation, compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love for myself and all there is.

In this new dream, I began to dive deeper into the truths of our world. As I wove through countries in crisis and fear-driven wars, I found myself landing on a filth-ridden street in an industrial section of an Asian city. The air was
laden with pollution and heavy tobacco smoke. There, I came across a baby elephant lying helplessly before me. Grey and almost lifeless, he cried out for help to save his species and his home. Calling out into the streets, I attempted to echo the elephant’s cries for help. Sadly, all of those who passed before me seemed lost, submerged in a sea of arguments, heated, ego-based controversy, and the hot pursuit of material goods. They acted so far removed
and detached from the truths that the dying baby elephant represented. Within me welled the stinging perspective of how the majority of all of our lives have become a living travesty and tragedy.

I was dying too, and all I could do was open my heart and just be with the elephant. As I stood there, one with my dying friend, a gust of wind brushed before us and swept a crumpled piece of paper before my feet. Bending to my knees, I picked it up and smoothed it out. It was a sheet torn from scriptures, the very last paragraph of the Hebrew Torah, The Five Books of Moses.

Malachi (3: 22, 23, and 24): Remember ye the Law of Moses My servant, Which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, Even statutes and ordinances. Behold, I will send you Elijah the Prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord. And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers; Lest I come and smite the land with utter destruction.

In that moment, I saw we collectively ARE Elijah the Prophet. This is our one heart that we all know and love! I saw clearly that to turn our hearts to the children is to surrender our ego selves and reunite as one… we ARE the children. That was precisely how I felt with that baby elephant. I wanted to do everything possible to give him new life. It was a tie so strong I was willing to die for him. Few of us have been willing to die for each other. This is the time of being in the universal wave when a sentiment this strong comes to each of us and is captured in the name of love and in our return to our glory.

Awakening from this dream that took me into the depths of despair and strife, I was overcome by a calling for all of us to save our Earth and ourselves. We have numbed and lowered our vibration levels to a point where we are barely able to receive, much less be proactively one with the forever streaming Loving Universal Consciousness (LUC). Is it due to the toxins and pollutants that now permeate our planet? Is it due to our addiction to radiation-emitting electronic screens, or to our processed chemical foods, drugs and alcohol? Is it the extreme emotional drain of the fascination with the ‘human drama’, our attachment to three-dimensional existence? Much like the Goddess in my Osaka dream, I would gladly sacrifice my hand and even my life. Could we now collectively wave our hands and correct all of this?

To mitigate the looming Malachi-prophesied “utter destruction” of our planet (in the form of extreme global warming, a pole reversal, ice age, plague or nuclear disaster), we have a Divine Calling to return to our power as Grand Beings. We deserve an awakening within our Selves that will bend every knee.
From the soul of who I am, where there has always existed a kinship with not only the baby elephant in my dream, but all animals and all the beloved plants and all of humanity, I call for a colossal surrender of our ego-based separation and a world-wide grassroots return to our ancient tribal gatherings with intentions of harmony with nature and ourselves on all levels.

Our Knowingness speaks loudly that it is not too late. Even though we have progressed so close to the brink of utter destruction, we Know it is not too late to shift our world back to its natural glorious resiliency. It is a truth felt deeply in our souls. It is a call for a mighty, new grassroots movement, an era of unprecedented reverence, respect, admiration and gratitude for the splendor we have to behold.

All we need to do is allow the surrender of our egos and opening of our X chromosomes – our feminine receiving Selves – simply BE conduits of Spirit. BE God…ONE WITH ALL THERE IS! This is achieved when we quiet ourselves completely, with patience and focus on the breath. By focusing on the breath, we eliminate the constant chatter of the mind and allow the ever-constant Loving Universal Consciousness to come through us and thrill us with Her powerful, loving wisdoms.

Acknowledging the well-accepted premise that all of our emotions evolve from the basis of either fear or love is an important step toward our ascension into multi-dimensional consciousness. You will Know when you are Guided. In
spite of being the most advanced technical civilization in our recorded history, we are presently in one of the darkest times in all of history. Never have there been so many millions of lost souls, and so many tyrants, so much greed, want, and destruction, and flagrant ignorance of our Divine Unity, or of our dormant all-Knowingness. This is our moment of glory. Our “carpe diem”. Our “seize the day” opportunity.

As we rise above the three-dimensional human plane, ruled by fear, ego, and materialism; we enter into the dimensions of love, forgiveness, Divine inspiration…and Godance. As we feel this divine energy within ourselves, we bridge what we have realized when in those higher vibrating dimensions, into the essence and purpose of our human lives. We then begin to co-create the holiest of planes. Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Gandhi, Malachi and all of the Great Prophets were models who did just this because they were consciously and ecstatically one with the glory of all there is. The challenge of challenges is for us to now reclaim our power and brightly shine, each and every one of us, because we too are models. This is the return of the Messiah. The Messiah IS us.

Just for a day, dismiss any and all thoughts about anything material,
even of food and drink.

Just for a day, dismiss any thoughts about relationships.

Just for a day, release any thoughts about your status.

Just for a day, release talking and be silent.

Just for a day, walk for a long time with your eyes down, your chest out, stomach in, shoulders back, wearing an inner smile.

Just for a day, let all discomforts go and be oblivious to cold, heat, hunger,
thirst, itchiness and yearnings. Have no wants and just BE…content.

Just for a moment, let go of all inhibitions and CHANT! Feel the chant in every part of your body. Let it come from every muscle, every atom of every cell, and let it rock you, as an observer

Just for a day, KNOW your KNOWINGNESS. Hear your thoughts, feel them,
be them, behold your Self as a being in the glory of onement with all there is!

Just for a day, let go of ambitions, goals, hopes and all cares, allowing our feminine receiving Selves to be conduits of spirit, welcoming Guidance as we create from moment-to-moment. As creators or THE Creator (as All One Forever Beings), envision your energy as expanding with LOVE in every nanosecond AND by proactively spreading that LOVE!

Chapter 2: The All One Era

Prior to December 21, 2012, we lived in an aggressive era based on the interpretations of the bible that man is here to dominate the earth…when in fact, we are here to be one with the earth. This period, however, leading up to the All One Era, has been a triumph for humanity in many ways. We made huge strides in relieving our burdens of physical work with vast technological and industrial advances. However, sadly, it has been an era of extreme masculine domination, and this momentum follows us. In such a very short time, we have created and continue to create the monster of the heartless corporate machine with the bottom line as its sole purpose, and we have given away our power to government leaders with these antiquated mandates. The eight billion of us now not only have in place a way of living that far exceeds our planet’s ability to recover, but we also have in our keeping the nuclear means of annihilating all life. We have been driven by our constant drive to build a “better lifestyle” for humanity – a noble and grand intention, but now, in this new era, we clearly see that the price for all this technology, combined with our warfare sophistication, puts us on the precipice of unprecedented utter destruction. Left to escalate in the hands of the corporate machine and those in power, it is only a matter of how long it will take.

For a glimpse of how changes such as the introduction of the automobile and the cell phone, affect all on the planet so dramatically, take the time to see this short but provocative video from author and entrepreneur, Tony Seba.


The ancient chart carved into a rock wall by the Hopi Elders shows a crossroads that happens exactly at the time of the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012, which is the exact date that the ancient Mayan Lunar Calendar ends. Interestingly, this date was prophesied centuries ago by many individuals and groups of people as being the beginning of a new era. It is the time when the elders of the Mayan, Hopi, and many indigenous civilizations predicted there to be a choice for us to make. The choice is simple yet profound. Are we to continue the line on the rock upwards with our greedy, selfish, material, and aggressive quests, or are we to now return to our original grandness of intention and come back to our original co-creator glory? Humanity either continues on its egotistical ways OR comes back together in a return to our original grand purpose.


While living in the countryside of Bedford, New York in 1982, I had a very clear vision of us all being one. At that time, there had been a cold war brewing viciously between Russia and the United States, as well as extreme unrest in most of the world. Many felt us being on the brink of World War III. Fueled by a quest to help bring humanity to its senses, I dove deeper into some of the studies in the Old Testament of the Bible and found the first of the Ten Commandments:

Exodus 20: So Moses went down unto the people (as they were in the desert after leaving their slavery in Egypt), and told them.”And God spoke all these words saying: ”I am the Lord thy God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.”Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.

I deeply pondered that commandment at my Bar Mitzvah in 1957. I questioned the idea of sharing the glory of being one with all there is, with a God who was outside of myself! I was too young then…but in 1982 had an ah-ha moment! What if Moses’ words literally were meant to instill that indeed “I am the Lord your God…you will have no other gods before Me (any person, as one with all there is). This bringing back of our power as divine entities, with no separation, gave me hope for humanity that we will soon behold our immortality.” Later on (see Chapter 3), we talk about Moses’ plight, where he knew after being brought up in the Pharaoh’s palace where all were elongated head people (see Chapter 3) who Knew they were one with Spirit. Moses was a Conduit of Spirit and had the task of bringing this message to his people. The energy rose within me so greatly that I sat in silent meditation all day and night and proclaimed to myself that From the Lord God of my being, unto the Lord God of all beings on earth, we are One! We ARE God. We shall have no other Gods before Us. If you ask people, what are the first words in the Bible, the common response is, “In the beginning.” However, there is one word before that, which is the word ‘Genesis.’ (For an in depth study: It is interesting to note that the word Genesis could be broken down into two words: Gene and Isis. Thinking in these terms, consider the implication of the fact that further on in the first passages of the book of Genesis, the phrase, “let us create man in our image” then appears. The expectation would be that the phrase, “I will create man in my image” would be
how it is written, but it’s not. This is present in all copies of monotheistic Bibles I have seen! Monotheistic being any religion or segment of a religion that follows one God, such as Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, Pentecostal, Anglican, Lutheran, Orthodox, and others.

Since that time, about sixty years ago, it has become obvious to me, with so many catastrophic earth changes, and the disappearance of the condors, the thinning of the ozone layer with so many thousands of species of animals and plants and whole cultures becoming extinct, we can no longer afford to throw our hands in the air, giving away our Holy precious power! Our intentions are all-powerful. We have the collective essence to merge with and Guide Nature! From ancient times, perhaps since the beginning of creation, we have carried both the burdens of enormous disappointment and the joy of the grandest of triumphs, with life itself being the most triumphant. Surely, we can now “rise to the occasion”, as my dad would say, and bring ourselves into harmony with nature and all there is.

The blueprint for the All One Era is revealed continuously. During one occasion, my dog Wolf Girl and I had hiked to the top of the mountain and looked down upon the eighty-four-mile long Okanagan lake. As we stood there beholding this magnificent view in this wondrous valley, it became clear to me that as astounding as the experience of being in a body is, the essence of who we are is not in the beauty or magnificence of the place where we live, including the planet, the universe, and the stars; the real beauty is within our Forever Souls, our hearts and eternal Selves. We are in this world but not of this world. In moments and locales where the world around us showcases deterioration spurred by industrialization and pollution, we know that the strength to reinvigorate the planet lies within us. We know that when in our power, we can no longer tolerate further human-made destruction. Our power is much stronger and farther reaching than we have ever taken credit for. It is this grand awakening that exonerates us from the present catastrophic ignorance and apathy leading us into this path toward oblivion.

The loving prophecy of the All One Era is to simply know in our heart of hearts that we ARE God, one with all there is, the original creators of the universe, all-Knowing and all One. To come into our Selves is to know our real power and the loving energy that can change the climate, our entire world and everything about us.

This Knowingness is undeniable, because this IS who we are. There is no separation between us and the creation of matter, which is materialization of slower vibrations of energy. Energy is love, the cosmic glue of the universe, love of our own grandness and all there is…better known as Holy Love… a merger with the ever-present Loving Universal Consciousness (LUC). While the name of God is Holy, and all names for God are Holy, so Holy in fact that in Hebrew the name is unspeakable and is written as G-d, we have come to an awakening that indeed God and all that this Holy name carries, is as dust without us. Just as we are as dust without the realization of our oneness with God. The essence of this Prophecy of Prophecies lies deep in our soul memories. In the Hebrew bible, this is the response God gave when Moses asked him his name: Exodus 3:14: “And God said unto Moses, I am HE WHO IS.”

The All One Era is our prophesied homecoming – our deserved release of all fear-based chaos, aggression, misery and guilt. We are All One, as Divine Eternal Beings, in bodies on our splendid creation with our precious animals, plants, earth, water, air, sun, moon and stars – one ever-expanding, alive, flourishing, love-based multidimensional consciousness that encompasses all that is, all that has been, and all there shall ever be. By our thrill and glory of merging with all dimensions of consciousness, and by choosing alive nutrition and an alive lifestyle to strengthen the silver cord between us as spirits in bodies and simultaneously as spirits in Eternal Loving Universal Consciousness – the center of all of life and all of consciousness – we refresh our soul memory of who we are…WE BEHOLD OUR IMMORTALITY, we
are All One Forever Beings.

Nature and the environment have always impassioned me. My instinct has always been to be one with the earth, touching it with my bare hands and feet. As a child, my time was spent playing in the dirt and climbing trees. Throughout my life I was blessed with splendid collaborations with nature and many firsts. One of the first vivid life-changing experiences was when I read the book Bridey Murphy in the sixth grade. Bridey was an American housewife who had been hypnotized and brought back to her earliest childhood and then further regressed into her past life, which had taken place in the 1700s in Ireland. She began speaking in her original Irish brogue, describing all the personal and factual things she experienced while in her life in Ireland. The book details how many of these actual places and things were later verified.
This opened my soul memory of my personal past lives, and the realization that we are eternal beings. Today, the book Many Lives, Many Masters, by Brian Weiss, MD, tells the true story of a prominent psychiatrist, his young patient, and the past-life therapy that changed both of their lives. Being All One Forever Beings AND being individuals in bodies is a brilliant and thrilling combination, filling our lives with Grand Purpose on a magnificent plane.

Having always known and embraced my purpose to BE a microcosm of the macrocosm, and the Grandest version of Stephen Cipes that I could be, I have consciously encouraged myself to proactively BE God in a body in this, my life. My plans to build have always been endless, with a boundless flow of ideas,
which I then, with Guidance, and a sharing of my visions, manifest. As a land broker and developer in the Westchester suburbs of New York City in the early 1960s, I spearheaded cluster zoning to protect wetlands and steep slopes at a time when there were hardly any environmental protection laws. I was also crusading for the well-being of our planet as one of the founders of The Environmental Movement.

My fellow long-haired hippies and I vehemently protested the burning of number six fuel and coal for heating in my highly-polluted native New York City. Simultaneously, we actually developed one of the first models of recycling and spread the wisdoms of re-usage. In spite of our encouraging progress, the gallant recycling efforts, and great strides we made in cleaning our air, the state of our Earth continued to deteriorate at alarming rates in the five decades that followed, and sadly toxic level pollution has now penetrated and permeated all of the planet and all living creatures, including us! (Astonishingly, there is evidence of toxins even in newborn babies.)

As the founder of Summerhill Pyramid Organic Winery in British Columbia, we built a “model of man and nature” and I am realizing my vision of being a conduit for heart-centered business. Business success is a platform from which we can be heard and hear on many levels. It enables us to live out Master Jesus’ grand teaching: “The greatest gift is to give of one’s self”. I live with genuine daily excitement to give to the world, in great part, by using business as a platform to share spiritual awareness. If I were to define
entrepreneurship, I would say, “an entrepreneur is one who surrounds themselves with the Knowingness to manifest their vision on the physical plane.” For example, building and operating “the most visited winery in Canada,” as an organic winery and bistro, and as a model of harmony with nature and of giving back to nature, is a thrill and an honor. The opportunity to co-create with nature and actually demonstrate being a microcosm of the macrocosm from moment-to-moment delivers a highly-satisfying sense of
accomplishment and of furthest-reaching universal significance. More importantly, it is a model of how each of us is a co-creator, bringing abundance and joy of life! Joie de vivre!

From very early on in life, I knew my soul purpose. Something bigger cried out from within me, asking me to go forth and bring others together with me so that we may expand together, and be of full assistance in the realization of each other’s highest aspirations. There was and is an undeniable tie between
acknowledging joyous divinity in others and respecting and nourishing others and our planet. Perhaps it was my childhood environment of constant tension between my parents and their ultimate bloody fight which was the antithesis of peace that set me completely alone in this world in 1957 at age thirteen… I
always knew that there is no such thing as being completely alone. Having that solace, along with creating a solid platform as an entrepreneur, I’m honored to say that I’ve fully allowed myself to be Guided. I’ve been an instrument, as we can all be instruments, in how things in this world are. I have been, and continue to demonstrate being a conduit for love, peace, respect, and profound conscious awakening.

Most importantly, I’ve acknowledged my purpose as a “conduit of Spirit” and have a burning desire to show humanity their divinity.

Consciously or unconsciously, we are all aligned with our purpose – one we decided upon well before choosing to be born or re-born. The earlier we gain clarity of our purpose, the better, so we may nurture it and watch it unfold before us. I have learned that we should follow the energy and not the issue. Among the many revelations being brought forth in this new era is the alignment with our “Original Splendid Purpose,” individually and collectively. We are finding that our real soul purpose has little or nothing to do with our business, religious, political, ethnic backgrounds or pursuits. Our grandest purpose is our contribution to the whole. It is the foundation upon which our own personal evolvement takes place! Sometimes it takes a lifetime to know our original purpose, and sometimes we are blessed to find it out at an early age. In my life, I’ve always felt a constant calling.

A reading with Oracle Judith K. Moore and Dr. Sean Sands on July 19, 2014 greatly strengthened my confidence.

Judith: And then it said that the light will flow through the Staff of Moses into you, to illuminate God’s Holy Presence.
Stephen: Um, great.
Judith: And it spoke of the fulfillment of prophecies and the Enochian gospels, and it said that the Book of the Law of One is the Twelfth Enochian Gospel. So, I will be able to transfer this to you when we finish today. But it’s the basic information, and I’m recording now.
Stephen: Okay.
Judith: It said that the fulfillment of prophecy is not about the translation of prophecy. It is about the power of prophecy, and that when the Ark of the Covenant came to the Earth, there were archives of the Ark of the Covenant, and they brought a force, a God force to connect to the consciousness of humanity. The archives, once opened in the Ark of the Covenant, moved a force for humanity that had to fulfill the covenant by fulfilling the prophecies of light; that now at this time of all times, all prophecies must become one prophecy, and it is the prophecy of the Law of One. And seek not the interpretations of prophets or prophecy, but to know that each of them had to fulfill the covenant that was brought by the Ark and spelled out for humanity in the archives of light, the archives of the Ark of the Covenant. You have a line, Stephen, that goes back to the bloodlines of the prophets.
Stephen: I feel it very strongly, Judith. It has been motivating me all of my life.
Judith: And you are one of the Covenant, and that means that your destiny is to fulfill the prophecies of light because they said that when all prophecies become one prophecy in the energy, in the force of the God Source on Earth, that then the Book of the Law of One shall be opened, and the opening of the Book of the Law of One fulfills the prophecy of the movement of liberation, and the force of Moses is a force of liberation. Humanity escaped enslavement but wandered alone in the desert lost and disconnected from the manna.
Stephen: Yes.
Judith: And then found the Source, was brought to the Heavenly Source, and that is the movement…from bondage to liberation to being lost souls, to the opening of the Book of the Law of One opens the gateways to the heavenly and Earthly kingdoms.
Stephen: Yes.
Judith: That bring the children home, and you have much to do with this because when the light of the Ark of the Covenant flows through the Staff of Moses and fills you with the power of the God Source, it opens, it opens the light, the light of the Book of One, the Law of One, that all children of God, which are all children of all humanity, will live then by the power of the Law of One in the Covenant of Light that fulfills the Prophecy of Revelations. Very few people know you; very few people are allowed to see you and you do not always see yourself. There is an image behind an image. There is a power behind anything that is of the Earthly realm. That is the power of prophecy embodied through your blood line because you have stood on destiny lines and appeared in the human form to be a witness of prophecy along a time line that was put in motion by the forces of Creation manifest[ed] through the power of the Living Ark, and thus as one of the brethren of the Ark of the Covenant, you were one of the Masters of Light who received
the Ark when it descended from the Heavenly realm, and it was visible to you then. You have traveled with it; you have traveled with the Ark.
Stephen: Yes, at home.
Judith: A lot of energy is coming in, Stephen. Humanity has been lost to itself and the Divine nature of the God Source. The power of the Revelations of the Twelfth Book of Enoch opens a covenant of light, which forms; it forms the power that moves the destiny of human history. You are to feel now the power
that moves the destiny of human history.
Stephen: Yes.
Judith: It cannot be in the hands of magistrates or god kings.
Stephen: No.
Judith: It must be in the hearts of those who serve selflessly and have walked through time, as you have, have witnessed the prophecies, have heard the words of the prophets and have carried the staff, the staff of the Mosaic order. This promise of liberation is beyond comprehension.
Stephen: Yes.
Judith: It is the power of light that seals all realms of darkness and brings forth into the sight, into the sight of humanity that which illuminates Divine Oneness, and you will continue to follow this path of prophecy, the path of divination of the Holy Source of God’s Presence; through the prophets and through he Covenant, you will be compelled to continue to follow it, for it is the compelling force of your Soul, and you know this. Until at last you reach the doorway of light of the Thirteenth Temple, for there are Twelve Temples in the House of Light, in the House of Light of your— in the House of Moses, there are 12 Temples in the House of Moses, there are 12 Temples. You have built a temple there. It is the Twelfth Temple. It opens the way to the doorway of light to the Thirteenth Temple.
Stephen: Yes.
Judith: Your life has been — your lives have been a sacred journey of the kabalistic formulas, for you have walked a pattern with your lives, with the kabalistic masters.
Stephen: Yes.
Judith: That reveals the power of one, and no Earthly force can resist this Covenant of Light. There are those who speak of secret societies, and this is minor compared to the power of this mystical order of light that is unseen, and it is only connected through super consciousness, through the power of the Omni Force.
Stephen: Yes.
Judith: It is moved by the Great Mysteries. It is moved by the force of the Source of Creation, and this speaks of the Covenant of Humanity, the purpose for human existence, and the fulfillment of the Prophecy of One is ascension.
Stephen: Yes. That’s exactly what I am writing about.
Judith: Holy cow. This spoken affirms the truth of your existence, Stephen.
Stephen: Thank you, Judith.
Judith: And this brother and sister witness you now, and then set aside any thought forms that may find their way into a mirror that would reflect this in any way besides the holiest of holy. As it has been spoken, few know who you are; very few know who you are.
Stephen: I do, and I want all of us to know who WE are.
Judith: And for you to know who you are and be witnessed by Sean and I, who you trust, is important because there are decisions that you must make, and they, in the alter dimensions in the power of manifest Creation, this force that you must feel when the Staff of Moses touches the Ark of the Covenant, and it is a prophecy, it is a time that is coming for you. It is an experience that you will feel in your body, but beyond that, it is an illumination of your God self.
Stephen: Yes.
Judith: And then a force will affect human destiny, not by your action, but by the actions of the powers
that be.
Stephen: Yes.
Judith: For the Prophecy of the Law of One makes way for those forces to move the destinies of humanity,
the destiny of mankind into alignment with the perfect purpose of the Eva Adam Kadom, the blueprint for
human existence.
Stephen: Indeed!
Judith: Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Adonai Tsebayot Yod Hey Vod Hey Yahweh.
Stephen: Aho, Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh.
Judith: Okay.
Stephen: Thank you, Judith.
Judith: I’m so honored and blessed.


To quote UCLA professor, Dr. Valerie Hunt11, “The defi nition of consciousness is our ability to relate to the entire universe…The Field.” Ironically, The Field is the title to Lynne McTaggart’s book12, which scientifi cally reveals the recordable infl uence of our intentions even from a very long distance.

These scientific scholars and many other writers and scientists are now proving that as we open to “The Field” we welcome our Receiving Selves (our God Selves), in our electrical-in-nature bodies and our allknowing souls. We are comprised of billions of atoms, each with protons revolving around a neutron, just like our solar system and universe. We are natural receivers of the electrical charge that manifests as the ever-present Loving Universal Consciousness that we bathe in. Such a connection at this critical time is a
great blessing, as it allows us to tune into the Universal Truths, both within our Selves and with our alive and communicative Earth, which is our precious platform that allows us to evolve in bodies. This is how we come into our own, as genius-level Ascended Beings.

The works of Dr. Valerie Hunt and Lynne McTaggart have a parallel in the grand teachings of the ancient Bhagavad Gita which pre-dates the Hebrew calendar, which is now nearly 6,000 years old, and the Christian calendar which is now just over 2,000. Please read the following excerpts to feel the grand calling:

It is we who can bring in the great winds of change, clear the polluted air, and initiate the incredible cleansing of our Earth. It is we who are now scientifically proving that our intentions affect nature and each other in a profound way. Dr. Masuro Emoto has astounded the world with his extensive lab tests using electron microscopes to show the molecular structure of frozen water crystals before and after caressing the water with our intentions of love and gratitude versus yelling obscenities! Lynne McTaggart has also proven the effects of intentions with her life work and there are links to many others who have achieved scientifically proven results, including our own pyramid documentations, which we will expound upon later.

As we become aware of the presence of the LUC or “The Field” in this era of the glory of receiving, we are beginning to realize that indeed we are unlimited in our potential. There is no separation; we are all one. We are now returning to our Original Splendid Intention to be the Realized Beings – the Masters that we are. As we unite in gatherings, and in the process of a worldwide crescendo of purpose, we begin to create an ever-unfolding and expanding individual and collective orchestration of vast, yet gentle, loving, continuous, flow in the now. Simply put, we are opening our Selves by opening to receiving the constant
flow of loving energy that expands our consciousness, leading us to naturally becoming one with our planet, nature and all entities, as conduits or vessels of Holy Spirit.

Let’s have a look at some of the other wondrous discoveries that are popping up all over. The book by Paul Hawken, Blessed Unrest, describes our present huge momentum to help and heal by millions of people and corporations engaging in countless ways to help others and the planet. The book, Initiation,
by Elisabeth Haich takes us back in great detail to the ways of the Pharaohs in an age of Knowing. The book, The Dream of the Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul, by Anne Baring explores our cultural roots leading to our crisis and gives us a gripping scholarly lifetime study of the growth of human consciousness.
She graciously gave me an official comment on this manuscript. “[Stephen is] a kindred soul who is speaking out about the astonishing revelation that we are part of what we have been worshipping for so many thousands of years as someone or something separate from ourselves.”

At all given times in history, there are individuals who are gifted with having natural receiving guidance directly from Spirit such as medical intuitive Anthony William, Efgar Casey and many others.. All One Era is establishing a list of other individuals and invites your suggestions at alloneera/

The celebrated author Gregg Braden13B, during his extensive twelve-year study of the most sacred and honored traditions of humankind, has discovered tangible and unprecedented evidence that we are all part of a greater existence. In his book The God Code: The Secret of our Past, the Promise of our Future, Gregg says a coded message has been found within the molecules of life, deep within the DNA in each cell of our bodies. He proposes that our past is about to change through a remarkable discovery linking the Biblical Hebrew alphabet to our genetic code. Could it be
Moses’ and Jesus’ living messages emerging? For me, it is the sound or the vibration of the letters and the words that touch our souls. There are meanings, beyond our threedimensional scope of understanding, that these vibrations unleash, and as we open in our feminine receivership, they
lift us into unlimited dimensions and clarity.

The All One Era is our long-awaited breakthrough. Here, we are opening to receive the ever- present flow of Guidance. As we fulfill this glorious prophecy with a world-wide establishment of connecting gently with each other’s bands of energy in gatherings, we celebrate the essence of who we are, who nature is, and how we (and she) magically weave our way back to flourishing in love. These gatherings, celebrating nature at the new and full moons, and returning us to our tribal roots of gathering around the fire, are conducive to catapulting our ascension. Catapulting this era as we jointly welcome this state of receivership, we open our electrical-in-nature brains and nervous systems to connect with, fully Know, and be one with the constant fl ow of energy that surrounds us at all times. This Guidance or Godance transforms each of us from being ego-based (a normal human state) to being conduits of Spirit, as the Knowingness flows through us, invigorating and restoring our health and vitality, and subsequently, all of our environment. As ascended Masters we merge with all there is. We become one with our environment.

These moon gatherings are honoring the cycles of nature and reuniting us in our Earth’s harmony and giving us a physical way to begin our homecoming. While in each other’s bands of energy, we are greatly recognizing and enhancing our ability to fully embrace our original sublime purpose, our all-powerful togetherness in love as co-creators. May we now surrender to the glory of the Knowingness that is within us all and that joins us all in “The Field.

In 2005, Summerhill Winemaker, Dr. Alan Marks, and I, landed in Beijing on business. We were invited to export our organic ice wine to the Peoples Republic of China, for their annual military Lunar New Year celebrations. Upon arrival, we were taken to a highly-secured military base, and then to a nightclub restaurant where we enjoyed a wonderful festive banquet and had the opportunity to share our ice wine with our generous hosts. It was almost 2:00 a.m. when we finally returned to the hotel and I discovered my room was on the twenty-second floor. Terrified of heights, my only reprieve was the thought that perhaps being at such a high level would allow me to clearly see the night sky.

Perched in front of that twenty-second-story window, I was unable to even see across the street, much less see the stars! In the depths of winter, the air was condensed with thick dark pollution from the burning of coal used as fuel for heat14. Concern for the environment and our Earth began to fill every atom of every cell of my being. My heart ached, and I once again heard and felt the echoing cries of humanity and of our beloved animals and plants.

Removing myself from the depressing view and proceeding into the bathroom, I filled the tub with hot water and lit a candle. As I turned off the lights and climbed into the tub, I embraced the breath and experienced instant meditation welcoming Grand Oneness. A magnificent, pulsing, purple light engulfed me and connected me to multiple dimensions. My soul reached out to the unlimited universe and I became one with all there is. In that fraction of a second of absolute clarity, I consciously decided to become an instrument to cleanse the pollution! Tuning into my well-practiced ritual of consciously whisking away clouds, I began blowing away the dense pollution with the intensity of my whole entire being. It was in this moment that I experienced oneness with The Soul of the World, taking us all back to the time when
our air was pure, species knew no threats of extinction, clean water flowed freely, and we lived in harmony with our Earth.

Raising my arms and offering forth the Sacred Breath, I channeled my intentions from “the Lord God of my being” and envisioned the dark polluted air outside dissipating. The intent resounded in me so powerfully that it rendered me to feverishly stand up, hold out my hands, and spin ‘round and ‘round. As I stood whirling in a state of profound unity with all there is, I heard the wind begin to fiercely howl. The gale was so powerful that the building began to sway. Ironically, I made no immediate connection between the windstorm and the intentions I had just set; all I could do was stand in awe of the deafening torrent outside.

Upon entering the hotel lobby in the morning, I watched the doormen struggle to hold the doors open as guests bent down and pushed their way through the wind. Our host arrived to take Alan and me for a walk along the famous Great Wall. The gusts of wind were so fierce that we had to crouch down below the wall and crawl along a small portion of the historical fear-based feat of architecture.

The evening brought calming winds, as throngs of people lined the sidewalks in every direction. For the first time, perhaps in many years, they were able to stand out in the streets, look up at the sky, and see the stars! The thick veil of pollution had dissipated. It was a mighty cleansing! I was filled with a great
resurgence of confidence, gratitude and awe. I reflected that indeed we are all conduits and servants. Our full Presence in the Now is all we ever need to have. It is by being IN such Presence that we reclaim our power. It is within each and every one of us to behold such extraordinarily powerful experiences!

The Grand Purpose of The All One Era is to welcome the prophetic message that we are Divine and can and do have constant impact on all that is; this is the ultimate blessing of this time in our times. We surrender and allow the constant flow of Spirit, absolute love, abundance and peace. When we open to
the loving cosmic flow, we influence and create the healing of our Selves and our Earth. We first need to acknowledge ourselves and realize our worthiness as channels for receiving. This is an ascension welcoming our Knowingness. We clearly see that individually, and much more strongly as collective groups, we instigate profound change with our powerful intentions. We are ascending to operate from our hearts rather than our minds, to seek truths from our guts rather than our brains, to lead from our loving Selves rather than our ego selves, as we enter into our awakenings, and becoming Realized Beings – one who is one with all, and who acknowledges deeply the energies that surround us at all times. We are Grand Ambassadors in the Now of eternal love. As we receive and take back our loving power, we know we are, each of us, unlimited immortal Holy Beings.

There is an organic formula for the transition to achieve planetary harmony. The first and foremost truth is to be one with our inner Knowingness and trust this Holy Guidance. This aligns us with our most powerful and splendid state of Pure Love. The second is to strive to maintain our bodies as pure vessels through making highest conscious choices that ensure we restore our ultimate physical and planet health and vitality. The third, is to pro-actively share our Self-healing process and our grandness. An excellent avenue is to regularly attend the powerful gatherings which are centered around a sacred fire. The fire acknowledges the Presence of the Grandmothers and the Grandfathers (all our relations), allowing them to come to us through the fire. We direct our meditation and intentions to the fire. Wherever possible, the gatherings should take place in settings that are conducive to group meditation (ideally with a sacred geometry aspect or outdoors). Each of the All One Era gathering branches will be connected to a transparent company leading a revolving Central Council of individuals connected worldwide. The AOE Council has formed an All One Era Certification to ensure and sanction (AOE certification of approval) that goods and services have heart and Supreme Consciousness and are in harmony with this planet.

We have a grand mission. It is up to each of us to first go within and know ourselves, then to create a vision that is in full alignment with the needs of our planet, and to align ourselves with those who can help us bring it all fully alive. Within our precious bodies we carry our consciousness, our universal Knowingness. Once we “get it,” we naturally tune back into that original heritage and intention of our pure, organic nature, and the urgency to expand it worldwide15. It is now up to us to “reincorporate” the commercial corporations, giving them heart! Only going within restores harmony and abundance, not politics, economic restraints, threats of war, or giving our power to tyrants or corporations. We all come from tribal beginnings and this
lofty awakening is the making of a major grassroots ascension into global peace and harmony. All we need is to proactively be in a state of receiving and have patience, fortitude, conviction, courage, and confidence. Once we have recognized and acknowledged our Eternal (there is no time) Receiving Selves, we become beacons of light to ourselves and instantly to others. Our awareness and our coming together as a conscious collective is now unfolding and we are rapidly opening to receive the constant loving Guidance. We who are laying the foundation, are the prophets and emissaries of peace and restoration that we have been waiting for. This IS the Age of Aquarius, the promised Messianic Age, the Christ Consciousness Age and the All One Era
of merging with Loving Universal Consciousness that we ARE – the very cosmic consciousness energy we create from moment-to-moment, eternally. We are who we’ve been waiting for. The time is NOW for love. The time is NOW for us to come home into our own eternal ever-unfolding Selves or Self!

With this global ascension, we become naturally united in being intolerant to atrocities like child abuse, wife beatings and rape, pornography, child slavery, tyrant leaders, the present terrorist extremists, nuclear war threats, government corruption, corporate greed, pollution, and any and all fear-based activities. The holistic management of our magnificent planet, the return to our tribal heritage, and our Original Splendid Intentions are naturally and automatically Guiding us to Know that such activities are not in harmony with
the nature of our Loving God Selves. While we acknowledge that our drive, relentless ambition, and spirit of competition have brought us to great heights in the creation of technologies, economies, and businesses, they have come at the cost of crippling our planet and crippling the very spirit of humanity. We surely can nurture our Earth and ourselves without this short-sightedness and aggressiveness.

We are ready now to respond to nature’s calling for us to open ourselves and to provide her with a cleansing. Like us, she is naturally resilient and healing, and is ready to bounce back. The silver cords that tie us to her, and all there is, have shrunk. We have become more and more oblivious to our polluting, destroying, and ravaging her. Our awakening opens and allows us to embrace and express a gigantic wave of gratitude. She feels and desperately needs this gratitude now, as she so actively displays her cleansing! All she needs are our reinforced silver cords, our renewed soul commitment to being deeply rooted with her, as one with her.

The shift into the All One Era is a time of planet-wide ascension. It is a movement that anyone, of any age, can understand and be one with. We are so fortunate to be in bodies at this most thrilling of all time in our time. A shift! A total change! A return home to who we really are! This is our time of opening pure awareness and appreciation, and of our merger with eternity. This is our most glorious time since creation began – a true homecoming. We are reversing the direction of our increasing material pursuits and of living so absorbed in the ‘human drama’. Now is the promised renewal of our oneness with all there is and the bringing forth of our brilliant Light, which instantly dispels all darkness that we have allowed to be brought upon ourselves. Selah!