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The first model venue has been established in Kelowna British Columbia at Summerhill Pyramid Winery where gatherings have been the center of the “spiritual community” since 1997. The Summerhill Pyramid, a sixty foot square four story replica of The Great Pyramid serves as a cellar for all the organic wines produced as well as a chamber of meditation and a natural venue for gatherings held in concert with the changes of nature.

The Summer Solstice gatherings have consistently brought hundreds to the pyramid every year as well as the Winter Solstice where a procession of guests each holding a candle, file in from the Makwala Memorial Kekuli, a replica of a traditional First Nation’s earth covered winter home.

The Spring Equinox and the Fall Equinox gatherings have been consistently popular all these years with dancing and drumming around the sacred fire in the Kekuli and veggie potluck feasts. The community has, since the Winter Solstice of December 21st 2012, also elected to celebrate the new moon every month in the pyramid with females only, and full moon gatherings for men women and children which, many times, go on till after midnight around the fire! The community list is now well over a thousand participants and growing every month!

A great breakthrough happened on the Spring Equinox Gathering on March 20, 2015. We built a portable pyramid with light beams rented for $200 and built a fire in the middle; the smoke highlighted the angles and created a beautiful space for the gathering at almost no cost. This could be answered prayer to the quest to develop branch-gathering places all over the world.

All-One Era Gatherings are a model that can be established in communities all around the world, in any and all languages. For perhaps the first time in recorded history, we are co-creating a viable platform to come together as Ascended Beings, to heal our earth through the expansion of consciousness. By uniting as like-minded souls we create a crescendo of Grand Purpose, where we can purify and manifest on all scales and all levels.

We can now begin to merge both the grassroots and all the diplomatic options and progress quickly toward returning our planet to its natural state. To gather at the occurrence of every new moon, full moon, equinox and solstice worldwide, and to create a central council and series of local councils, is to create our grassroots foundation to catapult ourselves back to a state of healing, receivership and pure love.

It is our calling to do so now, collectively, as one.

We invite visionary heart centered ambassadors to join us, by building a gatherings branch in your local community!

Please contact us directly to learn more . .
stephen (at) alloneera (dot) com

All One Era is a for profit company that is 100% transparent.
The sole proprietor of this company has pledged not to ever take any salary or bonus at any time,
and to have 100% of any net proceeds reinvested to have the All One Era flourish throughout the world.
We welcome any and all public audit of our account.