The Vision

Right now, and since December 21, 2012, the almost eight billion of us humans have undergone more traumatic fast-paced change than in any other period of time previously witnessed. While our consciousness levels have all ascended more rapidly than ever before, the momentum of the past millennia has also continued to escalate at an alarming rate and is presently at its most powerful time.

There are unprecedented economic and technological tensions and extreme planetary cleansing in the form of many earthquakes, ongoing radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, typhoons like the Haiyan devastation of the Philippines, the disappearance of so many species of plants, animals and original peoples, and the opening of the ozone layer. Pollution has permeated the entire planet and political tensions are at their height with flagrant aggression.

We can no longer afford the luxury of acting selfishly as separate countries with separate issues, or as separate individuals with separate issues. We are All One; all one-forever beings and this is our great soul calling us urgently for all the right reasons!

Clarity pervades in us now and with our gatherings, we are catapulting the already-in-motion movement that serves a grand purpose.

Everyone, even all of the major religions and governments, can support this homecoming. After all, who doesn’t support going into our hearts? Who doesn’t feel the need to become closer to nature, as all the plants and animals are? Who doesn’t realize how living in cities has removed us from being in touch with the heartbeat of our Mother?

As we gather and rejoice in our re-alignment with the moon’s phases, we begin to feel our oneness with the tides and the entire food chain, and all that makes our blue-green planet a heaven. The moon gives us life. The phases of the moon reflect the moods of the animals, nature and man, and represent opportune times to make transitions.

The establishment of worldwide gatherings, celebrating moon phases and the four seasonal phases, helps to put us back in touch with nature and with the natural state of our bodies. The gatherings combine the heart of the community with the heart of all nature and catapult the urgent need for a planet-wide awakening and homecoming.

Having community-based full and new moon gatherings and All-One Era Councils, even in the simplest form, is a major step toward accomplishing this,and may be the ONLY worldwide action plan that can be alignment with all the other already organized gatherings.

All-One is a call to action.

We all have a calling to allow ourselves to be the leaders we naturally are, no matter what influences and illusions we came from. We can easily incorporate this blessed era into our current society with three basic proactivities:

The acknowledgement and mastering of our all-one Knowingness.
The establishment of internet-linked and heart-linked moon and Solstice/Equinox gathering venues in communities worldwide.
The return to the rhythms of nature and her natural order
While love-centred and earth-focused leadership is the key, the overall movement is not about identifying leaders, but rather about affecting the whole as the individual leaders we are. As microcosms of the universe, the movements and intentions we initiate ripple through all of eternity.

The All-One Era movement lies within the intention of moving into fifth-dimensional consciousness all over the world.

For the first time, we have the means for saving our planet, because when we are in full receivership, bathing in Knowingness, we know how to nurture and demonstrate our harmony with the Mother.

We are now co-creating an accord for humanity to step back and to take back our individual and unified power and glory. More than a grass roots movement, this home coming is universal.

May we be renewed and blessed in our Knowingness.
May we revel in Guidance and Being-ness.
May we, and all there is, rejuvenate to ultimate health and stellar joy…indeed!

With Great Love,

Stephen Cipes
Ambassador and Visionary; The All-One Era
Author; Homecoming, The Prophecy of Prophecies

All One Era is a for profit company that is 100% transparent.
The sole proprietor of this company has pledged not to ever take any salary or bonus at any time,
and to have 100% of any net proceeds reinvested to have the All One Era flourish throughout the world.
We welcome any and all public audit of our account.