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Officially established on The Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012 – The Era of Divine Knowingness – also known as THE ALL-ONE ERA was launched world-wide.

We humans are conduits of infinite cosmic consciousness that is bursting to be revealed as we surrender and receive all of the glorious Knowingness that surrounds us.

Our quest here in Kelowna, BC, Canada is to firmly establish and catapult this era by building a model where we are opening to becoming conduits or receivers of “Divine Knowingness” that surrounds us at all times.

There are 28 gatherings in the pyramid & kekuli each year. The gatherings are held observing the changes in nature. All animals and vegetation are in touch with nature, while we humans have separated ourselves. Group observance and celebration with meditation, feasting and dancing at the full and new moon cycles, dramatically aligns us with nature!

With the FULL MOON male and female attended gatherings, and the NEW MOON females only gatherings, we are embracing and acknowledging our original receivership capabilities…opening us to unlimited prosperity, peace, joy and rejuvenation.

Past Facilitators
Sharon Davison
Theda Phoenix
Norbert Maertens
Adam Meachem
Stephen Cipes
Wynona Lori Hussack
Laurie Morningstar
Shri Ananda
Dawn Dancing Otter
Anand David Embry
Goldie Denise
Itzá Rainbow
Jim Copeman

Please come and join your loving bands of energy with ours! There is never a cost and all the family members and all friends are truly welcome!

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All One Era is a for profit company that is 100% transparent.
The sole proprietor of this company has pledged not to ever take any salary or bonus at any time,
and to have 100% of any net proceeds reinvested to have the All One Era flourish throughout the world.
We welcome any and all public audit of our account.