Summerhill Pyramid & Kekuli

The Summerhill Pyramid & Kekuli Address is:
4780 Chute Lake Road Kelowna, BC V1W 4M3

ALL are welcome!


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To add yourself to the Summerhill Pyramid and Kekuli Tribe, located in Kelowna BC

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We always appreciate new talents, wisdom & interesting people to help orchestrate our events. As they say “it takes a village” and we are so grateful for the amazing people who have helped to create such a beautiful heart centered community.

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Unite the Tribes

Be part of creating change at a powerful grass roots level by joining the movement and hosting light pyramid moon gatherings in your own community!  Uniting the tribes and co-creating a global coherence of hearts and spirits connected for the upliftment of humanity and the healing of mother earth.

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