To Stephen Cipes:
“This is an important [work] that will touch millions of lives. It is really a perfect extension of all that you are and all that you believe. I love that you have put this [work] together and feel that it is perhaps one of the timeliest efforts to be born of your greatness.” – Nancy Tuccillo, New York.

Dear Steve,

I don’t know where to start. Your words are so clear, profound and spiritually intoxicating yet they deliver a ‘sobering’ arrest. You are a refined wordsmith as well as an unrelenting fighter. You are like the ‘man in the arena’ covered with dust and sweat daring greatly while experiencing the ‘high triumph’ of fighting for a worthy cause. Years ago I would have compared you to Joseph Campbell, Jiddu Krishnamurti or even Deepak Chopra, but today I see “you” as one and the same ‘messenger’, even if referred to by a different name. You are like a precious gold beaten to shine by years and years of disciplined spiritual practice while surrendering to and learning from the greatest Gurus of all, LIFE.

Your words resonate with us (Margo and I) so loud we feel that oneness with you. When our ‘intentions’ align regarding contributing to a “greater good”, we feel as though you were our extended self and we were yours. Steve, I cannot even tell you how comforting it is to finally meet someone as ‘real’ and committed as you. I’m sure you looked us up on to see the degrees of our commitment to ‘serve’ the L.U.C.

This wonderful [work] of yours will no doubt become a marvelous and powerful catalyst in uniting and awakening the world. We are extremely happy for you and cannot wait to purchase your actual book.

Namaste, my new friend and teacher,

Sincerely, Julius Varga

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