Welcome to the All One Era!!!

We are excited to announce the release of the All One Era Audiobook — now available on Audible!!! Preview the Audiobook today with the All One Era Podcast, and join our joyful ascension into Loving Universal Consciousness — and embrace our rich Oneness with each other and all there is!!!

The hard copy edition of the All One Era is the first book to feature Maxogram technology. What does this mean!? It means that readers have access to video content through the images in the book!!! Simply scan an image from the book using your phone, or other device, with the Maxogram app, to surface engaging videos in the palm of your hand. The hard copy is filled with engaging video content that further demonstrates the concepts of the All One Era.

In order to have access to the video content while listening to the All One Era as a Podcast, or as an Audiobook, please visit the Video Tab on the website, or gain access by watching the videos on the All One Era YouTube Channel.

Episode One: The All One Era

All One Era is the prophesied era of our return to our Holy state of oneness with all there is that officially began at the end of the ancient Mayan lunar calendar, on December 21, 2012.  As ascended humans, our oneness with all there is, is fully realized as an ascended humanity, our Original Splendid Intention of love and of knowing our Selves is renewed and flourishes. The key to our ascension is Knowingness; the key to Knowingness is surrender; the key to surrender is relaxing our ego and welcoming our feminine receiving; the key to receiving is allowing spirit to flow through us as conduits, as microcosms of the universe; the key to becoming a conduit is proactively loving life and all there is.

Chapter One features a powerful reading with oracle Judith K Moore. Judith is a visionary and divine messenger, an author of many books (including “Crop Circles Revealed”) she is an oracle of the Records of Creation, and has been a multi-dimensional transmedium since 1992. Just the sound of Judith’s voice is a thrill!!!

Stay tuned for more episodes coming soon.

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