What would it take?

What would it take to have a wake up call of major proportion?  Have we gone too far beyond the tipping point to respond and to contribute even if they were channeled from the highest sources directly?

  • Will it take another war?
  • Another famine?
  • Another horrific spread of disease?
  • A flood? A drought?  A fire?
  • An eruption and tidal wave that will set off nuclear reactors and drown us all in cancerous radiation?

How about the melting of our ice and the rising of the sea where 95%of our population resides?  How about another ice age if we were lucky enough to live the fifty or eighty more years it might take to bring that in?

How come the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”by U S Vice President Al Gore didn’t have an impact?

It was there for all to see and what did the world do? They held world summits and committed to lower the carbon footprint by economic sanctions. And did they lower it?  No! It was a joke.

As David Suzuki said, the politicians that voted to lower it are not now in office and those who are, are not obligated to adhere to those commitments.  Also, the taxing of industry with heavy fines if they keep up their spewing and polluting is a joke. They just pass the costs along to the consumers, us!

So there is no way to enforce these noble but weak intentions.  While there is another argument that indeed, one eruption by a volcano may emit more carbon than all of our factories put together, are we to all throw our hands in the air and give away our power totally by taking zero action?

David Suzuki said it best in his personal quote to me for my upcoming book “The Time is Now for Love.”

“The environmental movement has failed.
We’ve won some phyric battles but we lost the war because we failed to change the consciousness surrounding these issues.”
~ David Suzuki December 11, 2013, Suzuki World Headquarters, Vancouver BC, Canada

His statement is profound and says it all!

We simply must now all go within and open and surrender to Spirit.

The time is NOW for love.

The time is NOW for us all to start gathering regularly, as we have for eons, honoring nature and opening and surrendering to the luminous love that surrounds us replenishing our Knowingness and super consciousness.

The time is NOW to return to our hearts.

This is the ONLY way we will have a last chance to save our splendid creation, our precious playground, our sacred sublime home where we have created the ideal conditions to prosper and flourish in abundance and peace and joy in ingenious bodies that are each and every one a microcosm of the entire universe. Selah

–  Stephen Cipes

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