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Ways You Can Help Support the All One Era

We are so grateful that you are HERE.  Stephen’s goal is to sell a record number of books on its official release date of December 21, 2017, giving this book a chance to become an international best-seller.  This allows us all to be in our greatest service by showing humanity their divinity.

Stephen asks that we all take a leap of faith in our Selves and order ‘All One Era’ on on Thursday December 21st and asks you to consider promoting this beautiful book to your family and friends by simply posting a link on your social media feeds. Below are suggested postings that you can copy and paste for Twitter and Facebook which can also be used in Google+ or Linkedin.  Everyone is of course welcome to write their own personalized post if you prefer.

‘All One Era’ is a book that captures the most vital essence of who we are and what we can BE! #AllOneEra #transformation

A simple formula for a planet-wide ascension.  The ‘All One Era’ book is available today! #AllOneEra #transformation

A book that triggers the God Code in human consciousness. ‘All One Era’ available today! #AllOneEra #transformation

Who we are in the vastness of our magnificent existence is revealed in ‘All One Era’. #AllOneEra #transformation

Stephen Cipes, the legendary founder of Summerhill Pyramid, the most visited winery in Canada, has written a book that captures perhaps the most vital essence of who we are  and what we can BE to live in harmony, joy and peace with our planet and ourselves. ‘All One Era’ is being released on the darkest day of the year as we celebrate the light within us this Winter Solstice, December 21, 2017. Get your copy now:

Stepping beyond our three dimensional awareness into the timelessness of all dimensions, the answer to our most precious question of who we are in the vastness of our magnificent existence is revealed in Stephen Cipes book ‘All One Era’. Available today at:

The ‘All One Era’ book is an outline and preparation for us to take back our power and return to our unlimited Knowingness. We ARE God; grand conduits of Spirit in body. Available today at:

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