Power of Prophecy

Judith K. Moore in Chimayo in session with Stephen Cipes in Kelowna with Sean Sands in attendance in Salmon Arm, recorded on September 24, 2020 at 7:30 am PST. These are unedited recordings.

NOTE: This recording is transcribed below.
NOTE: This recording is not yet transcribed.

Judith: I wanted to say something before you say your intention because Sean and I were focusing on the field before and I read your letter about stepping out with sharing more through these documentaries.

As we focused on you, the power of prophecy and the power of the miraculous ascension which triggered this request I believe. (yes)

What I saw is that you have been given archetypal symbols that when they are incorporated in the messages of peace that you bring out to people , they will trigger a deep place in the psyche and the 1st was the vine as in Jesus said I am the vine.

Stephen: The v-i-n-e?

Judith: V-i-n-e as in then vineyard.

Stephen: I love it. The grape plant is so much like a human. It lives about the same age, the number of years, and has the height of a human and it’s roots go down as deep as it is tall and it actually looks like a human sometimes if you isolate it.

Judith: Jesus referred to the vine and the vine of Christ and there have been many explorations that the vine would spread and that the vineyard would be in the garden for the New Earth.

The vine symbolically meant the teachings of Jesus and it has also been applied to his blood line and the awakening of the Christ consciousness through the blood line of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

So when you are speaking and you speak of the vine and the vineyard, you are actually connecting to a much deeper psyche that triggers peoples’ memory, their remembrance of their connection to the ancient wisdom and the lineages of light. When you speak of the pyramid, you are awakening the legacy of ancient power through sacred geometry. (yes)

And people, even if they don’t remember that archetypal ideology, triggers their connection to systems of energetics that are designed by a higher wisdom to amplify vibration.

And when you speak, your words will be vessels for their consciousness because there is a moment of power when an individual is awakened to the power of prophecy and this force has touched you. (yes)

It is in this knowing that you will receive these keys to trigger a mass identity.

Stephen: What I long for.

Judith: That humanity may identify with the higher ideologies that awakens within them a power that is incomprehensible.

Your voice carries a vibration.

The words are but vessels for that frequency and being aware of this affirms to you the deeper understanding of how and why you are feeling that NOW is the time to share the Word.

And people are not looking for a person who is the absolute authority but rather for a way for them to discover the hidden mysteries within themselves and feel empowered to make that connection to the archetypal forces that have guided humanity since the origin of higher human consciousness.

I feel a lot of energy in my crown chakra with this message.

When Moses went to the Pharaoh, it wasn’t logical, in fact it was an impossible act. That the Pharaoh would let the Israelite’s leave Egypt. But he carried the power of prophecy and that power is an archetypal force that you have inherited.

Thus as you speak about the environment, sustainability, community, cooperation and compassion, the vibration of the energy of the lineage of the prophecy that you have inherited, that you have carried through, as a sacred vow, through many cycles of your soul, the power of that legacy is an manifestation that goes beyond your comprehension.

Look around you at the symbols because the imagery of those symbols combined with the message that inspires hope will be a very powerful alchemy that awakens a spiritual force and nothing could have prevented the Israelite’s from their liberation and the parting of the Red Sea.

You know, you know that you carry that power.

Stephen: I do.

Judith: And it isn’t through your mind, it is through your soul.

All other objectives and agendas and intentions are supported by the foundation of this very truth.

It is primal and must be the primary intention that you are aware of the art, the structure, the light of these images that convey symbolic meaning.

This is the power of man and the myth, the power of prophecy.

And you have through the Ages been schooled by the masters.

Stephen: I have.

Judith: To be prepared for the legacy that you have agreed to.

Stephen: I have indeed.

Judith: You carry the Mosaic code, the code of Moses and you know this very well because he was schooled in the mystery schools and the geometric power of those pyramid systems (yes) was an archetypal force that is a quantum energy that sustained energetic forces, organizing consciousness into form and the power of this moved the events of history and made that which seemed unseeable seen. Made that which seemed impossible manifest.

This is the power of miracles.

You began today by speaking of the miraculous birth of your son David and Judith’s daughter Winona, who was named First Born Promise of the Return Peace.

These 2 represent the coming together of ideologies as she was named after White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman and your son David carries the name of the House of David.

This is an example of the archetypal force of the way that things will flow in a gentle way, unprepared, improbable that you 2 would begin the conversation to speaking of the miracle of your children.

Feel the masters, they are with you. You are one point of light in the universe.

Stephen: Thank you, you are as well.

Judith: And the masters are as the cosmos that surround you and bring forth the manifestation of a prophecy that will deliver humanity from bondage. (so be it)

You know this truth, for you it is the salt of the Earth, it is the sustenance of life.

As certainly as master Gandhi inspired people to weave, he strengthened the fabric of peace in India.

As certainly as he marched to the sea for salt, there was an archetypal connection to the meaning of the ‘Salt of the Earth’ and how powerful salt is. Wars have been won and lost over salt and on a very high level master Gandhi knew. He knew the power of these archetypal forces that created ideologies and symbols that triggered a collective response.

The seeds shall go out from the vineyard. The vine shall spread. Each grape shall be the fruit of the vine and the people will partake of the sacred wine, celebrating the source.

Stephen: So be it. So beautiful. Thank you so much.

Judith: Blessed be, so be it and so it is. Speak up please, you are not going to come on the recording.

Stephen: Chanting. A sip of wine to take through life ever and ever, so be it indeed. Sacred wine.

Judith: And that is exactly why wine was a sacrament on the supper of miracles.

Stephen: Yes it is the only substance that we put in our bodies that we say a separate prayer for, from all other things that we ingest, as a prayer and this wine is the only separated substance with a separate prayer before you ingest it.

Judith: I am going to stop this recording because I want this message to be just as it is.

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