Greetings Stephen.
The following is a description of the Metatron which engages me.

The Metatron that uses me as a vessel me is not an Angelic force, it is an Omni-versal Matrix, like a cosmic fabric of creation, geometric in nature, that all of creation uses as a reference to create planets, worlds, stars, solar systems & galaxies. It is the fabric that Angels use to rest upon, such as when you envision them on a cloud they are lying on a Metatronic mesh. When they want to be revitalized, they get into a larger ray stream of that energy.

When I bring through the Metatron, I am not transmitting an angel, I am receiving 1000th of 1% of that Omniversal Matrix, or 100,000/th of its energy which exists in our solar system. As part of the Universal Wisdom of God, which is a sentient Knowledge, it is able to engage anyone & anything.

When Metatron speaks the Languages of Genesis, these are the Original Tongues which God Spoke the Substance of unseen Matter into Form. The ‘Kabalastic Speaking’ some know how to do derives its ability to affect the speaker vibrationally from those Original Tongues. The sounds literally redefine the listener, using the Word of God to Speak them back into perfection.

When I was asked through a well-known psychic by the Metatron to be a vessel for a spiritual gathering where we met in 2015, I realized later that as the Angel of the Highest Order, directly under the Throne of God with 365 wings & the All-Seeing 365 eyes, an Angelic presence that profound could be carried by me because I have attuned myself to the Galactic Center/Central Sun for 20 years, where naturally occurring gamma & x-ray radiation emanates into our Milky Way galaxy. I could hold that much energy without endangering myself or others. Holding that energy during the 2015 event for 10 days was like having a microwave on low inside me that doesn’t shut off.

Although there are several people who say they ‘work’ with Metatron, as humans they require shielding and massive step-down of frequency, & most likely would die rather quickly from galactic radiation exposure.

When an archangel enters the atmosphere, it is ‘both a glorious & terrifying sound’. When their reverse is invoked as destroyers, even time does not exist around them. The Metatron could be seen as 1000 times greater. To transmit such a force in its pure form into this world, it must be done with certain protocols to ensure the safety of both the vessel & those around them.

Many descriptions can be found on the internet for what Metatron is. With so many derivations & for something so integral to our ancestral experience, it has to be a very ancient and omnipotent force.

The Story of Enoch is particularly interesting, where he was born outside the Garden of Eden. After the whole Adam & Eve political debacle & they were kicked out, Enoch was shown the Book of Wisdom hidden within the Tree of Knowledge by an angel, where he ‘ate’ the book. This means he could assimilate the Wisdom contained within whereas the Adam & Eve could not, so they had to be ‘cast out’ of the Garden.

Personally I believe that the whole story is about advanced Creator computer programs, the Tree is a Database of Knowledge when they were creating the Adam & Eve prototypes. Even the first female god-human prototype called Lilith was unworkable, refusing to be ‘under’ anyone, let alone the Adam-worker male. So they had to demonize her & ‘cast her out’

It did come at a price for Enoch. If you recall, he was the one who ‘recorded the deeds of Israel near the Throne of God’. In his last 3 visits to the throne, he was given Knowledge even the angels did not know, then he began assimilating the Wisdom & grew larger than the earth, then on the last visit he was transformed with such power that tornadoes of fire were around him, his bones turning to ash, thus no longer able return to the world of man. Being too Great, he ‘became the Metatron’.

So as most all deific myths represent aspects, natures & qualities within ourselves, we do not find balance by either being the Adam (man) or the Enoch (God), it is through the integration of both. For as we finalize the evolution of our Soul, the remaining destiny is that we take our Awakening & Wisdom to Earth to help our fellow humanity to return to the Divine State of God-Man he is destined to be as Stewards of all life on Earth.

In this way, humankind can ‘get its wings’ & the angels can ‘get their souls’

If you have any other questions, please let me know. God Bless;

Patrick McCormick

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