Dr. Valerie Hunt went into a coma when she was eight years old and came out many months later speaking five languages! She was blessed with divine council and direction. She was encouraged to become an educator and she advanced quickly to become a Science Professor at UCLA for over forty years and as well as inspirational world renowned writer and lecturer. Her work was focused on bringing scientific evidence to substantiate the messages she was given while in the coma and as a scholar she perfected the technology of using a computer to be able to visually demonstrate human, animal, and plant auras. She produced videos to show how it is affected by negative ions from running water, by purest nature, and by sacred geometry. She showed us clearly that all life is electrical AND geometrical in nature and is affected by our movement and our immediate environment. Her videos, for the first time, reveal how vitality itself is linked to nature and nature’s vibrancy. Her videos serve as a great stepping stone for us to open to welcome becoming closer to nature and to a sacred geometry chamber such as a precision pyramid in which to revel in negative ions and expand our aura and our unlimited Knowingness.

The following video is a demonstration of the aura captured under varying conditions:

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