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Stephen Cipes Launches THE ALL ONE ERA

Stephen Cipes, the legendary founder of Summerhill Pyramid, the most visited winery in Canada, has written a book that captures perhaps the most vital essence of “who we are” and what we can BE to live in harmony, joy and peace with our planet and ourselves.

Stephen has a deep yearning to catapult the All One Era through the awareness and truth of our unlimited consciousness, our eternal knowingness that indeed we are all one forever beings.

The book, written in a playful one on one informal way, outlines the key revelations that have brought us to this point in explicit detail, with supporting evidence and from experience. The All One Era book provides clear directions outlining the path to the ultimate and perhaps only solution, which he says is “our taking back of our Holy power, our Knowingness of our oneness”.

Each of us has a rich history of experiences leading us to this pivotal point in our respective journeys to come together and be a Holy Force of love on our ailing planet with our Guided intentions from the Loving Universal Consciousness we all create and simultaneously receive eternally.”  It is our time to, as my dad would say, “rise to the occasion and come together as a Holy Presence with our original splendid intention of Knowing our Selves”.  Stephen Cipes

When Judith K. Moore held the All One Era book in her hands, she exclaimed that “the mathematical formulas in this book contain the God Code.  They trigger the God Code in human consciousness Stephen.  The book is a portal.  The importance of this action is divine alchemy.”

It is all of humanities’ and The Masters and Knowing Ancient Civilization’s grandest intentions to catapult THE most powerful  consciousness ever on this precious planet so that we may once again return to our harmony with all there is and once again live in the splendor of abundance and joy.

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Highlights and Features
100% of the net proceeds of book sales at $12.21US go toward establishing world-wide gathering venues to catapult the era.

Never before have you seen a book literally come to life. This is the first book that uses an app that transforms the pictures to videos right before your eyes. Maxogram technology, a free one step app, allows you to actually see the images in the book come alive on video right on the printed page,  allowing instant interaction with the author.

The purchase of each paperback All One Era through Amazon comes with a FREE Kindle version of the book upon request.

FREE Download: Very moving observations on the book to Stephen from Author and Oracle Judith K. Moore

Book Reviews
“The mathematical formulas in this book contain the God Code.   They trigger the God Code in human consciousness, , the book is a portal. The moment I touched this book, I felt the spirit of it and I suggest every single person who reads this book, opens it with the same intention you have when you open the Bible to receive a message.”  – Judith K. Moore, Author of ‘Song of Freedom’ and ‘A New Formula for Creation: The Miracle’

Stephen is a kindred soul who is speaking out about the astonishing revelation that we are part of what we have been worshiping for so many thousands of years as someone or something separate from ourselves.” – Anne Baring, Award Winning Author of ‘The Dream of the Cosmos: a Quest for the Soul’

Reading Stephen’s book ‘ALL ONE ERA’, I could feel the parched lungs of my Soul taking the cosmic breath of True Remembrance I have so longed for.”– Patrick McCormick

It’s a book about love. Stephen draws from his personal life and experiences and sheds his success to bare his all, about the plight that humanity is facing, but with the good news that there is a solution – which he also outlines very clearly.” – Matthew Jensen, Founder of JensenWorks

“A brilliant, life-changing Masterpiece. It was a journey, through the Author, which I never wanted to end, capturing my innermost thoughts and feelings. Reading was like being a visionary, gently paddling down a stream, able to watch with interest scenes on the bank, while continuing the journey in a blissful, peaceful way. Most enjoyed was the in depth description of 5th dimensional love, our true soul essence, the Grandfather Circle Teachings, and the Star Beings. How fortunate to be able to share Stephen’s journey of his life and the impart of wisdom. Much gratitude for this inspiring ” All One Era” journey.” – Sandra Bilek

Ways You Can Help Support the All One Era

To have as  many books sold as possible ON the Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year, December 21, 2017 to immediately establish the book All One Era as an Amazon International Bestseller:

Purchase your copy ON December 21st through for $12.21US and also consider writing a review and rating on Amazon.

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A Note to our Canadian Friends

We did everything in our power to have the book available on but were unable to get it up in time for its release. We hope this will not deter you from purchasing your copy through Thank you so much for your support.

Thank you all for SUCH colossal shared enthusiasm! We ARE the ones we have been waiting for and this is our grandest moment!

With love, and huge gratitude for loving guidance and encouragement from you all to produce this work of my life,


Join us in the Celebrations at the Winter Solstice Gathering

We are celebrating the release of Stephen’s book  and the 20th annual gathering on the darkest day of the year, The Winter Solstice, with a candle lit procession at 6PM from the Kekuli to the Summerhill Pyramid and a special reading by Stephen from his book. We will close the evening with a veggie potluck dinner, drumming, and dancing. This is a FREE event for the public.

The media and public are encouraged to join us for the celebration at Summerhill Pyramid Winery, 4870 Chute Lake Road, Kelowna.

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