Publisher’s letter from First Issue of All One Era Magazine


Here it is, just days before the deaSept2015CoverAOE6webdline for publication and I have been asked by Editor-in-Chief Teena Clipston to present a Welcome Message and a photo of myself. I must admit I am daunted by the idea of writing something so pivotal as an introduction to All One Era.

This time is perhaps the highest calling in the history of humanity. I would feel so blessed to be able to portray this prophecy of all prophecies in ways that we all “get it” easily and can joyfully catapult it. I now surrender my ego self and take deep breaths and allow Spirit to flow through me… to be a conduit allowing ever-present universal consciousness to surround me and Guide me.

I wish to speak one to one, as an ambassador for the grandest platform we humans and all of nature could ever embrace: our Knowingness of who we are. I speak to you casually as a long lost friend, an uncle or brother or dad, a kid of seven in a body of 70, an entrepreneur who has loved the world as his family since being orphaned in the seventh grade, a person who shares a life of extreme triumphs as inspiration so we can all achieve colossal triumphs and enjoy abundance and total joy. I come to demonstrate that our greatest fear is the fear of our own grandness, and that there are none in the entire universe greater than we are and none of us greater than anyone else. I come to demonstrate and help manifest the taking back of our power. I am honoured and humbled to be Guided and share the light of coming into our Knowingness, our genius state, where our bodies’ electrical systems are in full vibratory resonance, a state we have all touched upon in dreams, meditations, daydreams, and in our daily lives. I feel so in service and so privileged to now be prepared and actually setting forth guidelines and a working model for a swift worldwide network establishing peace and happiness on earth with an all-inclusive holistic plan.

Thank you for being open minded to welcome, feel, and be this new era, which officially began December 21, 2012 and is now sweeping rapidly but at the same time, running alongside humankind’s most unprecedented aggressive materialistic pursuits.

If ever there were a time for the Second Coming, also known as The Messianic Age, this is it and it is us. We are Divine Beings, all one forever beings, whose time is NOW for love… the love that surrounds us at all times as we lift the veil and open our feminine receiving chromosomes. Women are richly blessed with XX and, although it’s a little harder, we men with our XY chromosomes can do it too!

We’ve packed this issue with such wondrous articles including, Love of Life: a tribute to Wayne Dyer; an interview with Liz Dawn Donahue, friend of Wayne and co-creator of Mishka Productions (Celebrate Your Life events) in Arizona; The Hopi Way, an interview with Manuel Bert Youvella from the Hopi Fire Clan; and, I am Genie presents Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra, an interview with wish granters, Joshua Dawson and Ingrid Thornhill.

 Also in this issue, we’ve included the entire first chapter of my new book entitled The All One Era, with each of the remaining 12 chapters to be introduced in this magazine over the next 12 new moons. I’m so deeply grateful to have this forum. It is an answered prayer to have this grand opportunity to share what sadly may be the only way we have to regenerate our precious planet and our precious selves… a remembrance of our original purpose and the welcoming of the ever-present Loving Universal Consciousness in a worldwide network embracing nature.

With blessings, love, and excitement for this wondrous new era,

Founder, All One Era
Founder / Proprietor, Summerhill
Pyramid Organic Winery and Bistro

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