Wynona Lori Hussack

For most of her life, Wynona has studied and worked in many aspects of spirituality including alternative medicine, massage, energy work and meditation techniques while at the same time working in the corporate world. Her life has been a constant balancing act from the left to the right brain and finding paths back to connecting with her Heart. She has a strong, dynamic background in several disciplines – Various forms of Energy Work, Massage Therapy, Project Management and Mentoring. It was through many, many years of studying, learning, contemplating, meditating and attending a myriad of courses/workshops/events that her perception of reality altered radically, sometimes in powerful moments of enlightenment, but more often over long periods of diligent study and meditation. Gradually and at first sporadically, her Heart called to her, waking up an irresistible need to share with and help people discover the awesomeness of themselves, transforming their lives into what their unique spirit/soul calls them to – always life affirming, Heart-centered living -that inevitably leads to a Deep Love of self, this beautiful Earth we call home, and all life.

Using techniques learned, downloaded, inspired and acquired over the years, Wynona now focuses on distance (Skype/Phone) sessions offering Coaching/Mentoring to individuals who are eager to change their story and commit to claiming their place and power. She also thrives on bringing workshops and storytelling events that remind us of how powerful, loving, and incredible we are, and help us remember the path that unites our Mind and Heart. This path leads us to conscious choice of a dynamic, clearer than ever, Heart-based life.

Wynona has most recently become a Certified Trainer and Certified Coach/Mentor of HeartMath ® and also a Certified Teacher in Drunvalo Melchizidek’s work, Awakening the Illuminated Heart ®.

Wynona’s home is in Penticton, BC where she can be contacted for further information on upcoming workshops, events, or to book a session:
Phone: 1-250-492-5011 or
email: wynonalori@gmail.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wynona.hussack