Shri Ananda

Shri Ananda is a visionary artist and soulful storyteller. He began his on-stage journey as an inspirational speaker in 2004, travelling North America teaching resilience. In 2011 he published his childhood story of adversity, ‘The Road to Resiliency’, a poignant narrative on healing the past. At the same time he formed the rock band ‘Aside from Sorrow’; writing and producing two albums that span the spectrum from devastation to bliss. Driven to express story in even more powerful ways, he was drawn to add filmmaking to his art-forms. After producing multiple music videos and co-creating indie projects, he made the leap to writer, director and producer in 2016. In a whirlwind of divinely guided creativity he produced a short-film in just 7 weeks. ‘Out of the Darkness’ went on to win ‘Best Cinematography’ and ‘Best Post-Production’ in its first film festival. While writing his next feature length movie Shri Ananda is back on stage sharing his music, film, and masterful storytelling with audiences around the world.