Norbert Maertens

Norbert Maio Maertens

I was born in Belgium in the post WWII era and raised and educated amidst a Western based culture, a culture motivated by ‘Progress to Nowhere’. From a young age I sensed the social injustices and resisted the pressure to conform to a lifestyle which is alienating from Nature.

Despite my background in Sciences and Engineering, I kept a close connection with all things natural and found meaning and purpose by integrating my technological skills towards sustainable environmental projects and renewable energy technologies.

Through my travels I came to realize that our Western techno-based consumer society is a failure for the wellbeing of our Planet and in order for humanity to survive the rebalancing dynamics of our Planet it is imperative that we humans adopt a more harmonious lifestyle. This realization steered me to explore various forms of Intentional Community and I eventually decided to start a community with the intention to live sustainable. Emigrating to Canada gave those attempts new opportunities. Despite the failing grade in the attempts to create community, I still see and practice a lifestyle of sharing and voluntary simplicity as a solution for the problems we’re facing on our only Planet. Over the years, I have been active on many fronts to raise awareness, challenging questionable paradigms and sharing ideas and insights through presentations and seminars – shifting one paradigm at the time.