Maytawee studied with Eckhart Tolle, later becoming his personal assistant. This awakened the understanding of Ego patterning to allow her freedom from the mind. A journey to India deepened Maytawee’s Self-discovery. Later studying with Mooji, she had a profound inner awakening to dedicate her life in spiritual service to others. This guided her to Thailand where she became a monk living in a jungle temple. During this time she opened a school for girls freeing them from the ancient sex trade.

Maytawee works in the Healing Arts as a Brainwave Therapist and Certified Healer. Since 2002, her Mindful Coaching has been supporting others in personal and business growth. Maytawee is a published writer and inspirational speaker. Awaking many from the inside out.

Quote by Maytawee:
“May all that I offer be held in love with the greatest Guru of all: “LIFE”. ~ Facebook: Maytawee the art of healing