Grace is an Essene mystic and internationally known healer, spiritual teacher and mystic poet. Her deep wisdom, comforting, love and powerful healing energy has touched the lives of people all over the world. For nearly thirty years she has been offering her divinely inspired gifts of heart awakening and inspiration for the upliftment of humanity and the earth. She draws much of her wisdom from the ancient lineage of the Essenes, and teaches our interconnectedness to all life, the earth and the cosmos. She gently yet powerfully guides us in our healing and spiritual unfoldment, bringing into our awareness the interconnectedness of mind/body/spirit as a vital part of our path to wholeness. She has been facilitating Healing and Awakening Retreats for nearly 30 years assisting thousands all over the world to return to their own true divine. An Essene Minister, she lives a simple life of purity, close to nature, and has devoted her entire life to the path of love of the Divine. This she expresses in her service to all beings and to the earth. She had a Healing Center in Assisi, Italy for many years as well as in Mt Shasta, California.