Goldie Denise

Goldie is a Wellness Coach, a Joy Ambassador, and an Energy Alchemist. Music, rhythm, and movement have been a big part of her life and she recognizes the medicine they bring. She is witness to how activities like drumming, dancing, singing/chanting, and practicing Yoga can shift and transmute dense energy, powerfully transforming people’s lives. In 1999 Goldie made the decision to make wellness of body, mind, and soul her top priority and made huge lifestyle changes. As she healed her imbalances and lifestyle, she moved into the career of Wellness Coaching, sharing this information and her NEW STAR program with others. As Goldie reconnected with nature, she reconnected also with her own heart and her true Divine nature. During an enlightening trip to India in late 2013 for a 3-month Yoga Training, Goldie had a near death experience which created a great surrender and awakening to peace. Goldie passionately shares what works for her and what she loves, and is committed to co-creating a beautiful and peaceful world.

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