Come and join Deborah for a guided “Space Meditation” This mediation will help to unlock infinite possibilities within yourself. Experiencing that we are moving through space and time. That nothing is set in stone, that everything is constantly moving and changing, and our awareness is experiencing this phenomenon.  “As you Journey into and explore the space that you are, you will discover infinite possibilities lie present within yourself, waiting to be discovered!”

Deborah is a vastly experienced, much sought-after, internationally acknowledged expert practitioner within the fields of yoga and holistic healing. She has two decades of study and practical experience gained in South Africa, India, the Middle East, Germany & North America [Canada & USA]
She holds qualifications as; Integrative Reprogramming Technique [‘IRT’] practitioner, yoga instructor, nutritionist and instructor of meditation and advanced breathing techniques for self-healing. Deborah holds a degree in psychology from the University of British Columbia.
She is also a practised and experienced group facilitator, as well as a successful Retreat host.
Deborah founded “BlissFullPath” a universal forum for services in holistic practices empowering people to live their best life.
Love and light,
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