Anand David Embry

Anand David Embry (Bachelor of Music in flute and Certified Clinical Musician) studied vocal awareness with Chloe Goodchild of ‘The Naked Voice’. In addition, he’s investigated our relationship with sound, listening and music influenced by the integral yoga of Swami Sivananda Radha.
Currently, he’s resident therapeutic musician and voice therapist at Empower Health Clinic; an integrated centre in Vancouver, BC as a counsellor and vocal coach, using the power of music and voice to clear away obstacles nurturing new growth. Classes, private sessions, performances and workshops take a person into deep listening, blending vocal strength with body relaxation.
He’s been leading vocal workshops and kirtan groups since 1995 in both Vancouver and Victoria.
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What others are saying…
“Anand brings warmth and compassion to his inspired and creative sound healing work. The varied sounds of instruments and his voice flowed through my body-mind-spirit in waves of healing energy similar to my experiences of Acupressure and Reiki. I felt my heart opening and my cells recharged. It was a most empowering experience.” ~Sarah L’Estrange Jin Shin Do Acupressurist Instructor, Occupational Therapist