In Nature We are All Interconnected

Stephen and Esther (5) in Central Park NYC August 2015. Photo credit: Joel Cipes.

While eating smoked salmon sushi in a tiny Japanese restaurant off Times Square in Manhattan before the matinee performance of Aladdin, my five- year-old daughter Esther asked the question: “Do we separate the soul from the body BEFORE we kill the fish or the animal so it’s just the body?” After a brief pause she went on to say, “we kiss the fish and hug the fish or the animal and then we kill it? Why we kill the fish?”

My answer:

Because in nature, we are all interconnected. We live by and for each other—one whole living entity that includes all there is… however… when there are predators (killers), such as us human beings, as smart, plentiful (eight billion of us now) resourceful, and ambitious (to always get ahead of each other), nature suffers to the astonishing state of complete ruination! Let me draw you a graph, Esther, of the last ten thousand years of us humans living with all of the plants and animals on the earth and then of the last one hundred years of living with them… look at that! One big long flat line with hardly any change and then all of a sudden a line straight up! What happened in the last hundred years? Why have thousands of animals and plants and even original humans become extinct and continue to become extinct every day? What is SO different about the last hundred years?

In a word it is Reverence. Reverence for ourselves. Reverence for our collective Presence. Reverence for our holy oneness with all there is, the entire universe. Reverence for each other.

At this time in our time, maybe we all need to step back, take some deep breaths, and go within to our hearts, our soul memories, our essence, and our Knowingness. I call it connecting with the ever-present Loving Universal Consciousness, the LUC. You can call it intuition… We know, “We can’t change anyone else, we can only change ourselves.” Perhaps the time is NOW to begin to gather around the fire on the full and new moons and interconnect with nature and each other BEFORE we kill the fish, my daughter. – Stephen Cipes