Chapter 2: A Vision for Humanity

With all the many wondrous messages circulating in the world, there remains a huge void: The return to our oneness. I’d like to be openhearted and provide you with a stream of consciousness, so you might relate to why I feel so strongly about this.

It was exactly 3:18 a.m. on March 23, 2013, when I sat up and slipped into lotus position to behold the details of one of the most signifi cant dreams of my life. I remember it well. I was in Osaka, Japan with my wife Rie and our daughter, Esther. We were visiting Ojijan (Grandpa) and Obachan (Grandma) for the fi rst time since Esther was born three years prior. We had just enjoyed seven glorious weeks touring the many beautiful shrines and temples of the country and were staying in a sixth-fl oor suite located in the heart of Osaka, near Kyoto. The setting and my vision in the dream were so real, so lucid, that I felt as though I was fully awake.

In this “Osaka dream”, I was standing alone, surveying far-reaching and deeply impacting worldly destruction and chaos. I stood simultaneously within entire cities cleared out by the worst storm in recorded history, which actually happened shortly thereafter in the Philippines, and within an enormous
volcanic eruption that had just taken place in Iceland. I could see vast amounts of carbon; more carbon than our entire population could produce in hundreds of years, which also came to pass. I watched the shrinking and disappearance of the ozone layer (later confirmed by formal decree by The Hopi Elders).
I observed with utter sadness the sharp rise of cancers in animals and humans following the devastating effects of continued spewing of radioactivity from the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown. I saw and felt devastation of plant life from vast amounts of radiation, and contamination of agriculture from the acid rain. I watched the bees and butterflies be the first species to deeply suffer the brutality of the huge chemical and biological altering of nature at the hands of greedy chemical companies. I stood at the heart
of the Amazon rain forest, hearing the planet struggle to breathe as the greed of corporations tore down the trees to create soy bean and corn fields to feed cattle, whose gas depletes our ozone layer. I heard the cries of tortured whales, dolphins, elephants, and rare plants and animal species that were so rapidly becoming extinct, and I was aware of being so aghast by the physical impact of our complete absorption into the ‘human drama.’ The ‘human drama’, where we so often allow ourselves to be centered in fear and the perceived need for material and social status, rather than our lofty stewardship roles as co-creators.

As I witnessed the vividness of such travesty and destruction, from seemingly out of nowhere came an airplane, landing on a dime right before me. Emerging from the plane was a female person of glorious beauty. Her face was a composite of all the most magnificent female human faces I have ever had the
privilege and honor of knowing, and her energy was one of indescribable total purity and love. This radiant entity proceeded to reach out her hand and so lovingly touch the land before me, gifting visible magical healing energy upon every being, every circumstance, every plant and every animal. I got a glimpse of her unlimited love, and in that moment, it transformed the entire meaning of the word love. I’m unable to fathom, much less articulate, just what she did, who she touched, or how she did it, but what she did was all-encompassing and all-Divine – a total and complete rejuvenation of everything back to
teeming life! At the same time, I was shocked to behold her hand shrivelling as she swept it across the earth. I reached out to help her, but she signaled me a loving gesture that her hand was a small sacrifice for such a gain. She then leaned forward and told me not to worry, as there would surely be a way to reform her hand later. We enjoyed a loving, reassuring embrace and acknowledgment that indeed everything in the world is wondrous and perfect in every way. She hopped back on her little plane and took off, without a runway or rolling start. She simply disappeared as quickly as she had appeared, leaving me awestruck.

For the two hours that followed the dream, I slipped into lotus position and sat in deep meditation. During my reflection, I felt an overwhelming feeling of blessedness to have seen the actual face of God/Goddess and to have been with this Holy Composite Being who emanated such love that She gave her
hand to heal the world, while radiantly shining with love so deep there wasn’t a trace of concern about her own wellbeing. She had gestured to me that her hand is extended out for all time.

As I stood in her presence in the dream, I felt as though I was one with God like never before. She graces us and is one in eternal unconditional love. The profound lesson here is that there is no distinction between us, we too are one in eternal unconditional love. She came to me to show all of us that we can perform miracles! The Diva from the skies left an everlasting impression on my soul. I knew I had been blessed with the rarest of honors. I had beheld the angelic face of glorious, pure, cosmic love.

The Osaka dream, while being one of the most profound, is only one in a series of constant lucid dreams that I’ve had since childhood. In my dreams, I “travel” to ancient times and ancient places and to “future places,” where we are in “domes” traveling in space. Frequently, I have dreams where I can fly, and actually find myself working hard to move my wings.

I am in awe of being in a body. It is a glorious opportunity, but also a great challenge and burden, as we are “trapped” by the lowered frequencies required to be materialized. However, perhaps our having these bodies is our grandest opportunity to feel, know and nourish our Forever Souls with the enrichment of ever- expanding consciousness, love and compassion. Through the clarity of our dreams and visions, we are connected to energy and awareness that is multi-dimensional, and as we merge ourselves proactively
with all dimensions, we have the glorious opportunity to become conduits of pure love in bodies.

The images of desolation and catastrophes within my dream were a paralleled reflection of our sad realities. Our world has never been so close to complete and utter destruction. The earth has been weakened by the punches she has received at our hands; and what she may have survived in past decades, she cannot anymore. She is struggling, crying out for us to be in total consciousness with her to achieve harmony. As we begin to gather and share our closeness with our Earth, we bring in the light. As we all know, a single candle can light the darkest room. We are living on borrowed time. The pleas of starving children and cries of dying whales and elephants are the Earth letting out her last sighs of wanting to die. We have tortured her so, living from a space within ourselves that has not been aligned with Godance (Guidance as
one with God), or Divine Guidance.

The state of the planet today is much more seriously in jeopardy than we have been willing to accept as a whole, giving us all a very critical purpose in this lifetime. Today, Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth (2006) and Leonardo DiCaprio’s beautiful movie, Before the Flood (2016), clearly demonstrate how we humans live our daily lives on levels of “taking” that are far beyond our planet’s ability to catch up.

What would it take to have a wake-up call of major proportions? Have we gone too far beyond the tipping point to respond and to contribute, even if we were Guided from the highest sources? Will it take another war to wake us up? A gripping global economic collapse? A tidal wave that sets off nuclear reactors
and poisons us all with cancerous radiation? How about the melting of our ice and the rising of the sea, flooding land where over forty percent of our population resides? How about another ice age, as predicted? Why did An Inconvenient Truth not have an impact? It was there for all to see, and what did the world do? They held world summits and committed to lowering the carbon footprint using economic sanctions. And did they lower it? No! It was a joke. Dr. David Suzuki pointed out that the politicians who voted to lower it are no longer in office and those who are now, are not obligated to adhere to those commitments. He also pointed out that taxing industry with heavy fines, if they keep up spewing and polluting, is a joke. They just pass the costs along to the consumers. There is no way to enforce these noble but weak intentions.

As we are finally now sadly realizing, we are living in a world that has become entirely affected by our greedy materialism and its resultant pollution. Everyone is literally being drained by huge amounts of toxins in our foods that we’ve never had before. The whales and the dolphins have been severely affected by sonar emitted by military forces; the fish are getting cancer from spewing radiation and are full of mercury and microscopic traces of plastic; every ecosystem is absorbing pharmaceuticals; and our precious original seeds, plants, animals and many aboriginal humans are rapidly becoming extinct…all notwithstanding the valid argument that indeed one eruption by a volcano may emit more carbon than all of our factories put together.

We now know that we are intrinsically connected to that potential eruption and to all of nature. We can demonstrate that we have the power to actually affect nature! We have a Holy calling – a time in these extraordinary times, to re-enter our Oneness, our glory of taking back our power! We no longer have the luxury of throwing our hands in the air and giving away our power. Carpe Diem, seize the NOW. We are now rising to the occasion!

There is now the greatest urgency for self-sufficiency and self-rejuvenation. Never before has there been a more urgent, planet-wide need to grow our own food, to drink only clean water, breathe clean air, and minimize our exposure to the far-reaching pollution.

The most urgent need we currently have, for all of us beings, is for our fragile bodies (our temples) to return to their highly in-tune, harmonic vibration. On the brink of unprecedented planet-wide deterioration, we are realizing that only by going within do we stand a real chance to return to our oneness with nature and begin the physical restoration of our Earth and of our Selves.

It is a pivotal point, where we become proactive in releasing and surrendering our natural ego (that all in body have) and acknowledging the blessing of our original nature. Through our feminine receiving (our X chromosomes), we receive Guidance and instantly become Conduits of Spirit once again! As conduits, our bodies become our tools to create; and we, as the collective Holy Creators, ascend to being as one with all there is!

The Hermetica: The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs, a revival of the ancient Emerald Tablets by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy gives us a glimpse of our original splendid intention. I like to add that ‘we’ saw and instantly loved ourselves eternally.

The Hermetica:

  • Hermes derives his wisdom from a dramatic mystical revelation. While his mind is alert, yet still and empty, he hears God speaking to him. Hermes asks to be shown the true nature of reality, and suddenly everything begins to change before him.
  • In a mysterious vision, he witnesses the creation of the world. This vision is not meant to be understood intellectually but contemplated like images from dreams. However, we can explore a little of its deep meaning.
  • Hermes’ first experience is of an all-embracing Divine Light, which as he watches casts a shadow like dark restless water. Later he is told that this Light is the Mind of God, and the dark waters are the unlimited potential out of which God will fashion the universe.
  • This is a mystical vision of the first act of creation, remarkably similar to the modern scientific theory of the Big Bang. An explosion of light and energy slowly cools to become the black womb of space, into which suns and planets and finally ourselves are born.
  • This is a mystical vision of the first act of creation, remarkably similar to the modern scientific theory of the Big Bang. An explosion of light and energy slowly cools to become the black womb of space, into which suns and planets and finally ourselves are born.
  • This Word is like a blueprint that will organize a structured cosmos out of the chaos. Modern science might call it the fundamental Laws of Nature. This Word is the first idea in the Mind of God, from which everything springs.
  • Initiated into the secrets of the creation Hermes receives his Divine mission from the Supreme Being. Only this Knowledge he is told, can save those who live in darkness. Hermes must become a spiritual guide to all Mankind.

As we ascend in our Knowingness and gather and re-harmonize with our earth, we come into the revelation that we are one with Divinity. I’d like to coin the word “Knowingness” with a capital “K” throughout these messages. Knowingness is a word that has no element of doubt and aptly describes our ability to be conduits of the cosmic and natural vibrations that surround each of us and all there is at all times. It is that magical, wispy, silent yet loud, transparent yet color-filled, welling feeling of joy that titillates every atom
of every cell in our bodies, flooding in as we surrender and let go, let God, instead of holding on to our EGO (Edging God Out) selves focusing on wanting. As we open, we receive and merge with the “I Am” Holy Presence, where we are one with, feeling and receiving the Guidance and the revelation that we are
all Guided, versus us egotistically gloating over our achievements or being disappointed in our failures. Guidance is the subtle Knowingness that is sometimes seen only in later reflection.

Our Knowingness can be enhanced greatly as we align our lives with love, gratitude and a return to an organic nature. The honoring of ourselves and of our intimate connection with all of nature and our entire universe leads us to being in tune with our Original Splendid Intention, as described in The Hermetica where we set forth a vision of an ever-expanding Holy loving energy, both physically and spiritually. We can embrace Holiness – the swirling mass of loving energy that makes up the ethereal plane of consciousness – and welcome it into our everyday lives. While all of these things may sound heady, they actually come to us in a flash as soon as we open our feminine receiving channels and begin to behold the flow of loving energy known as Loving Universal Consciousness (LUC), a collection of our mutual clarity
and highest vibration at all times. As givers and receivers, we ARE the LUC. It is discovered when we go within to our hearts, our dreams, our soul memories, our essence, and our Knowingness. We can term it intuition, consciousness, Higher Self, or any term that is comfortable. To proactively acknowledge this
constant swirling energy is to behold our own Eternal Grandness and more importantly, our Presence in these precious bodies.

Consciousness is our gift. We have the unique opportunity in this blessed new era to all go within to open and surrender to Spirit. The time is now for love. The time is now for us all to start gathering regularly, as we have for eons, honoring nature and opening and surrendering to the luminous love that surrounds us, replenishing our super-consciousness. The time is now to return to our hearts. This is the only way we will have a chance to save our splendid creation, our precious playground, our sacred sublime home. We created Earth, where we enjoy the ideal conditions to prosper and flourish in abundance and peace and joy in ingenious bodies that are, each and every one, a microcosm of the entire universe…Indeed!

Many moons later, I found myself in a continuation of the Osaka dream, but without the honor of gazing upon the composite luminous face of the Goddess whose hand shriveled as She cleansed the earth before my eyes. In this new dream, it was only me, standing as one, amidst the chaos, crisis, destruction, fear, and despair that surrounded me. I stood as the collective of all of us. I was facing the momentous burden of repairing the damage we have done to our Earth, and to ourselves. I felt within me a holistic connectedness
with our Earth, and instantly knew and felt our grandness and oneness, and how all-powerful this golden connection was and is the key to saving our precious Earth. It was a jolt of empathy, understanding, contemplation, compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love for myself and all there is.

In this new dream, I began to dive deeper into the truths of our world. As I wove through countries in crisis and fear-driven wars, I found myself landing on a filth-ridden street in an industrial section of an Asian city. The air was
laden with pollution and heavy tobacco smoke. There, I came across a baby elephant lying helplessly before me. Grey and almost lifeless, he cried out for help to save his species and his home. Calling out into the streets, I attempted to echo the elephant’s cries for help. Sadly, all of those who passed before me seemed lost, submerged in a sea of arguments, heated, ego-based controversy, and the hot pursuit of material goods. They acted so far removed
and detached from the truths that the dying baby elephant represented. Within me welled the stinging perspective of how the majority of all of our lives have become a living travesty and tragedy.

I was dying too, and all I could do was open my heart and just be with the elephant. As I stood there, one with my dying friend, a gust of wind brushed before us and swept a crumpled piece of paper before my feet. Bending to my knees, I picked it up and smoothed it out. It was a sheet torn from scriptures, the very last paragraph of the Hebrew Torah, The Five Books of Moses.

Malachi (3: 22, 23, and 24): Remember ye the Law of Moses My servant, Which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, Even statutes and ordinances. Behold, I will send you Elijah the Prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord. And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers; Lest I come and smite the land with utter destruction.

In that moment, I saw we collectively ARE Elijah the Prophet. This is our one heart that we all know and love! I saw clearly that to turn our hearts to the children is to surrender our ego selves and reunite as one… we ARE the children. That was precisely how I felt with that baby elephant. I wanted to do everything possible to give him new life. It was a tie so strong I was willing to die for him. Few of us have been willing to die for each other. This is the time of being in the universal wave when a sentiment this strong comes to each of us and is captured in the name of love and in our return to our glory.

Awakening from this dream that took me into the depths of despair and strife, I was overcome by a calling for all of us to save our Earth and ourselves. We have numbed and lowered our vibration levels to a point where we are barely able to receive, much less be proactively one with the forever streaming Loving Universal Consciousness (LUC). Is it due to the toxins and pollutants that now permeate our planet? Is it due to our addiction to radiation-emitting electronic screens, or to our processed chemical foods, drugs and alcohol? Is it the extreme emotional drain of the fascination with the ‘human drama’, our attachment to three-dimensional existence? Much like the Goddess in my Osaka dream, I would gladly sacrifice my hand and even my life. Could we now collectively wave our hands and correct all of this?

To mitigate the looming Malachi-prophesied “utter destruction” of our planet (in the form of extreme global warming, a pole reversal, ice age, plague or nuclear disaster), we have a Divine Calling to return to our power as Grand Beings. We deserve an awakening within our Selves that will bend every knee.
From the soul of who I am, where there has always existed a kinship with not only the baby elephant in my dream, but all animals and all the beloved plants and all of humanity, I call for a colossal surrender of our ego-based separation and a world-wide grassroots return to our ancient tribal gatherings with intentions of harmony with nature and ourselves on all levels.

Our Knowingness speaks loudly that it is not too late. Even though we have progressed so close to the brink of utter destruction, we Know it is not too late to shift our world back to its natural glorious resiliency. It is a truth felt deeply in our souls. It is a call for a mighty, new grassroots movement, an era of unprecedented reverence, respect, admiration and gratitude for the splendor we have to behold.

All we need to do is allow the surrender of our egos and opening of our X chromosomes – our feminine receiving Selves – simply BE conduits of Spirit. BE God…ONE WITH ALL THERE IS! This is achieved when we quiet ourselves completely, with patience and focus on the breath. By focusing on the breath, we eliminate the constant chatter of the mind and allow the ever-constant Loving Universal Consciousness to come through us and thrill us with Her powerful, loving wisdoms.

Acknowledging the well-accepted premise that all of our emotions evolve from the basis of either fear or love is an important step toward our ascension into multi-dimensional consciousness. You will Know when you are Guided. In
spite of being the most advanced technical civilization in our recorded history, we are presently in one of the darkest times in all of history. Never have there been so many millions of lost souls, and so many tyrants, so much greed, want, and destruction, and flagrant ignorance of our Divine Unity, or of our dormant all-Knowingness. This is our moment of glory. Our “carpe diem”. Our “seize the day” opportunity.

As we rise above the three-dimensional human plane, ruled by fear, ego, and materialism; we enter into the dimensions of love, forgiveness, Divine inspiration…and Godance. As we feel this divine energy within ourselves, we bridge what we have realized when in those higher vibrating dimensions, into the essence and purpose of our human lives. We then begin to co-create the holiest of planes. Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Gandhi, Malachi and all of the Great Prophets were models who did just this because they were consciously and ecstatically one with the glory of all there is. The challenge of challenges is for us to now reclaim our power and brightly shine, each and every one of us, because we too are models. This is the return of the Messiah. The Messiah IS us.

Just for a day, dismiss any and all thoughts about anything material,
even of food and drink.

Just for a day, dismiss any thoughts about relationships.

Just for a day, release any thoughts about your status.

Just for a day, release talking and be silent.

Just for a day, walk for a long time with your eyes down, your chest out, stomach in, shoulders back, wearing an inner smile.

Just for a day, let all discomforts go and be oblivious to cold, heat, hunger,
thirst, itchiness and yearnings. Have no wants and just BE…content.

Just for a moment, let go of all inhibitions and CHANT! Feel the chant in every part of your body. Let it come from every muscle, every atom of every cell, and let it rock you, as an observer

Just for a day, KNOW your KNOWINGNESS. Hear your thoughts, feel them,
be them, behold your Self as a being in the glory of onement with all there is!

Just for a day, let go of ambitions, goals, hopes and all cares, allowing our feminine receiving Selves to be conduits of spirit, welcoming Guidance as we create from moment-to-moment. As creators or THE Creator (as All One Forever Beings), envision your energy as expanding with LOVE in every nanosecond AND by proactively spreading that LOVE!

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