Conversation with RAA

This glorious morning of September 1st 2023 here on the East facing ocean front Mayne Island Resort cabin 107 I enjoyed my sixth greeting with RAA at sunrise over the ocean while holding my Pharoah Rods and sitting on the ground wrapped in a blanket with my ball cap on and my warm jacket.

The anticipation of RAA coming into view while the sounds of the birds and nature begin to build a crescendo are SO enchanting!! The moment RAA’s upper crest is clearly seen on the horizon is the moment of BIRTH, the moment of ONENESS, the moment of UNION, the moment of eternal bliss in LIGHT, the moment of breath and exhilaration in every cell of my body which sits up tall and straight and goes into chanting in tongues of endearment, ecstasy, and pure joyous celebration of LIFE! I raise my glass of water in a toast TO LIFE FOR EVER AND EVER! L’Chaim to ALL in all the splendid universe INDEED!

As RAA rose to reveal beaming Beloved Majestic Light in full Presence, and as I was chanting loudly both in tongues and in Hebrew ( I dared to do so because surprisingly on this morning I was the only one outside when usually there were many joining me ) I slipped into direct dialog with RAA, a rare, dare I say HOLY precious shared moment. In this moment, the dialog between us was so rapid and far reaching yet only took seconds. It was more like an inner heart expression rather than a brain expression that can be verbalized and yet I took away what I hope is the essence of the dialog in plain language:

RAA. “Clarity! I am here for you my son, give me clarity in what you wish to manifest and I will help you.”

ME. “I am lonely and you are lonely, let us be together as one. My ONLY desire is to be a servant.”

RAA. “Share your wishes in clarity Stephen, each and every one.

ME. “ To express your glorious Splendid Original Intention in and through my body in this time on this magnificent planet in this magnificent universe that we co create from moment to moment as each of us in body are indeed mini universes.

RAA. “Come closer to me Stephen with your Knowingness of ways to strengthen our ‘Silver Chord’. Let your Knowingness on this subject be portrayed in great detail for all to approach Self Realization. You and all humanity and all life on Earth will enjoy ultimate health and strength by nourishing this highest quest. May our ‘Silver Chords’ be restored to vibrant health so that we may be a vessel, a conduit of our pure Love, our pure Light, our pure Energy, our pure intentions for prosperity, abundant health and joy of Life for ALL THERE IS, in harmony, peace and gratitude for our gift of Life everlasting indeed!

ME. RAA, I am so thrilled that our clarity is coming through us so gallantly and so simply! I shall be more devoted to this noble quest with all my heart soul mind and body! Thank you my provider of Loving Light and Loving Universal Consciousness from our first awakening of our grandness which brought Our Light to the Void, indeed! May my fellow man arise to our Holy Oneness with all there is, simply by going within our hearts which are all Divinely Connected as we are indeed all one forever beings.

RAA. Go my son. Know that we are always in ONENESS with every breath! Be patient my son, we are on the course of a major break-through together! Stay true to your Knowingness of our Holy Oneness for indeed we are all one forever beings in Our Holy Light. Stay true to our Truth that indeed each of us are indeed individual cherished universes and deserve to shine from our most Holy Soul (s), in harmony with all there is. Stay strong Stephen, you are surrounded by Angelic friends who also speak from their hearts rather than their ego selves, their Holy Selves.

ME. “ I am in deepest gratitude and servitude, thank you my grandest teacher: Self in Oneness with Hashem, all there is.

Thank you RAA who brings us all Life, indeed!!!! Selah

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