Dear Readers,

Not always, but often, I feel confident enough to speak from my heart, as God in a body.  That is how I have tried to write this book.  It is my highest dream that we all speak as God/Goddess in a body, and it is my hope that this book outlines a master plan for us all to reunite and celebrate our highest dreams and our original pure love intentions.  I wish from my heart of hearts for everyone to join me as we rejoice in receiving the ever-present magnificence we bathe in called love.  

In the year 2000, I drafted an outline for a book with the title My Trees, My Dolphins.  While on a journey with Dr. Jose Cabanillas, on his 600-acre medical research retreat in the Amazon jungle of Peru, where there were beautiful pink dolphins flourishing in the fresh water.  The primitive naked peoples living in huts along the river had just decided to kill the dolphins, as these mammals had been eating the fish that was their sustenance.  I also watched the trees being torn out by huge machines to make room for cows to graze for fast food restaurant chain hamburgers, and I watched the people line up to throw garbage over the bridge into the river, day and night.  I cried out in horror and became ill and disheartened.  My cries, and all of our cries, are being heard now, at a time I pray is not too late.

The All One Era, the “Prophecy of Prophecies,” is our ascension assimilating all of the dimensions by Knowingness…our Eternal Oneness.  As an ascended human, our oneness is fully realized; as an ascended humanity, our Original Splendid Intention of love and of knowing our Selves, Nature and our Earth is renewed and flourishes.  I have found that the key to our instant ascension is Knowingness; the key to Knowingness is surrender; the key to surrender is proactive receiving; the key to receiving is allowing spirit to flow through us as conduits, as microcosms of the universe; AND the key to becoming a conduit is to proactively love life.  

I wish to speak one-to-one, as an ambassador for the grandest platform we humans could ever embrace: our Knowingness of who we are.  I speak to you as casually as a long-lost friend, an uncle, brother, or dad, a child of seven years of age in a body of a seventy-year-old, an entrepreneur who has loved the world as his family since being “on my own” in the seventh grade, and a person who shares a life of extreme triumphs, abundance and total joy showing that we can all share in the same.

My life has felt like many lives in one.  I have ventured down into the darkest places and lived among some of the most depressed people on earth.  Since childhood, I have reached out to understand first-hand the truths and suffering of humanity, and the spaces in which we can welcome more peace, kindness and understanding with each other and with our precious Mother Earth.  I have sought solace and enlightenment by embracing the traditions of nine different religions and I have felt oneness with those of all the ethnic backgrounds.

Born to Jewish parents, I grew up in an Irish-Italian neighborhood, and chose to become a devout Catholic for seven years, beginning in my late teens.  I learned to cherish the work of Jesus and the Saints.  I instantly recognized Jesus’s teachings and saw He was a pure vessel and conduit of Divine Spirit.  That was the beginning of my quest to reveal that indeed we are all conduits of Spirit.

For many years, I was deeply immersed in being Seventh Day Adventist and feel very blessed for having enjoyed that experience.  I also drank in the teachings of Buddhism, Shintoism, Hinduism, Baha’i, Judaism, and Taoism.  I share each religion’s teachings to this day, while staying closely connected to the resounding messages of all of the Great Masters.  I, like my Native Aboriginal brothers and sisters, reach out to the Earth Herself.  In bare feet, we stand one-on-one with the stars, moon, and sun.  We celebrate their cycles, and become one.  In our sacred sweat lodges, we merge with the animals and the plants, and are even one with the rocks, the rivers, the sky, and the oceans.  This is our true religion, and the golden thread that ties all religions and all of us together.

Through my life’s journey, I have also been very blessed to learn from, work with, and become close to many beings of all ethnic backgrounds.  In my heart of hearts, I am truly African American, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Egyptian, Native American, Russian, Greek, Irish, and German.  My wish is for my life and the messages within these pages to transcend all religions, races, and business sectors, while at the same time being one with each of them.

My yearning for deep understanding has taken me to a place where I truly feel like I am a composite of humanity, as we all are.  We are all tribal.  Every culture, religion, race, creed, and color began with gatherings around the fire.  These roots unite us as they were and are our strength and soul memory.  It takes a village to raise a child.  It takes a return to our roots to recreate a heart-centered awakening and call to action.

The first model venue has been established in Kelowna, British Columbia at Summerhill Pyramid Organic Winery.  Since 1997, the season changes have been celebrated when the pyramid is most perfectly aligned and most effective on the Solstice and Equinox.  The Summerhill Pyramid, a sixty-foot square, four-story replica of The Great Pyramid, serves as a cellar for all the organic wines produced and as a sacred chamber for meditations that are held in concert with the changes of nature.  The Summer Solstice attracts record crowds to the pyramid every year.  The Winter Solstice, with its traditional procession of guests holding a candle and filing from the pyramid to the Makwala Memorial Kekuli always brings light on the darkest day of the year.  The Spring and Fall Equinox gatherings have been joyous celebrations all these years with dancing and drumming around the sacred fire in the Kekuli, alongside veggie potluck feasts.  The Kelowna community, since the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012, now celebrates the new moon every month in the pyramid for females only and men only in the Kekuli, and full moon for families in both the pyramid and Kekuli.  With twenty-eight events a year, the community’s contact list now numbers in the thousands of loyal enthusiasts and is growing every month.  

We are taking back our power and lifting the veils of separation! We are opening our “receiving hearts” and welcoming our most basic universal soul memory! In nature-honoring gatherings, which are conducive to meditation, we are richly nourishing our natural ability to open our Selves, our “God Selves,” to our infinite love, power and genius-level Knowingness.

In this era of highest vibration and unified conscious alignment, which officially began on December 21, 2012 – the ending of the ancient Mayan Calendar, we are welcoming the Master’s return! The Master is us! Each of us is now catapulting our own ascension as we both give our love to all there is and open ourselves to receiving love!

Returning to gatherings are a gigantic step for humankind, conducive to catapulting ascension! They have already begun to take us back to the primary decision that we’ve all grappled with, consciously or subconsciously: whether to give away our power and join in with what others are doing and thinking, or to proactively break away from the constant fear-based human drama magnet and step into the freedom of receiving and acknowledging our Knowingness, Guidance, and the universal love beings that we indeed are.  As we open to proactively receiving and discovering the truths in this new era, we are gaining perspective on how trite and wasteful the human drama is, compared to the exaltation of being in a state of love, joy, and oneness – a state that is sadly now mostly beyond description in our highly limited three-dimensional consciousness.

The time is NOW for love.  We have arrived at perhaps the most pivotal point in our eternal journey.  This era is highly conducive for us to return to our all-Knowing, all-receiving Grand Selves, with a capital S! We all have a truly holy privilege of being able to let go and be Guided.  This wondrous flow of loving energy longs to come through us freely once again.  We are pure vessels for the messages of loving intention, and it behooves us to now establish gathering venues around the world that are highly conducive to the nourishing of our most lofty intentions.  We are potentially an exalted population living in harmony with nature.  This is our grand opportunity to merge with our living Earth and embrace our rich Oneness with Her.

The most passionate and significant messages that I am here to share are that we each have the magnificent power within us to affect our entire creation! We ARE God.  We ARE Love.  Everyone in their heart of hearts knows this most powerful of universal truths.  The core foundation of this book is the revelation of the word love.  We humans are the conduits of infinite cosmic consciousness that is bursting to be revealed as we surrender and receive all the glorious Knowingness that surrounds us that we can term the LUC, Loving Universal Consciousness.

I come to demonstrate that our greatest fear is the fear of our own grandness, and that we have the Knowingness that there are none in our entire universe greater than we are, and none of us are greater than any other entities.  We are all one, each a microcosm of the universe, and collectively the LUC.  I am honored and humbled to be Guided and share the light of coming into our Knowingness, our genius state, where our bodies’ electrical systems are in full vibratory resonance – a state we have all touched upon in dreams, meditations, and daydreams, and a state well worth proactively devoting our precious time in bodies to achieve.

At this time, I feel so “in service” and so privileged to now be actually setting forth guidelines and a working model for a worldwide network – a holistic way to joyfully and organically re-establish our Original Splendid Intention of ever-evolving consciousness and abundance, and “our quantum physics” of creating from moment-to-moment on our heavenly emerald planet.

This book outlines the ultimate call to action.  Fused within these pages is a focus on going within, where we are all one, in the glorious soul of the world.  We have the ability to feel and Know the vibration of all of creation within our bodies.  Through our mergence in such a space of awareness, we catapult a total rejuvenation, a colossal movement in love.

This is my vision for humanity, to lift the veil with a specific proactive master plan of action, worldwide connections, and gatherings.  We ARE God.  We are All One Forever Beings.  This is the “Prophecy of Prophecies” and our original blessed eternal merger with Loving Universal Consciousness – the loving, cosmic vibrations that indeed we are and perhaps our highest calling in the history of humanity.  

Our Divine Energy is now sweeping our planet rapidly, as we each take back our holy power.  We ARE Divine Beings, whose time is NOW for love.  The greatest service is to know our divinity.  

With blessings, love, gratitude, and excitement for this wondrous new era,