Adam Meachem

Adam Meachem
Adam Meachem is a guitarist and composer based in Western Canada, specializing in guitar-driven atmospheric soundscapes. His proficiency in fingerstyle techniques and mastery of looping & other digital effects while maintaining a classical tone, honed over more than 22 years in the trade, has given Adam the ability to create music on a very wide spectrum that compares to Kaki King, Antoine Defour, and Ewan Dobson when performed live.

Overall, his pieces range from the cinematic–he’s produced soundtracks and themes for T.V. shows in the States–to pensive instrumentals and the occasional re-arranged cover song. With such a dynamic range of styles and techniques at his disposal, Adam’s songs deliver continually evolving sonic environments that enhance the listening experience. This is visually evident at Adam’s concerts where audiences are mesmerized by his ability to create acoustic guitar loops and then solo over them with his electric, all while accompanied by world percussion beats, and smooth cello.

Adam’s debut album, a full-length multi-instrumental called Axial Precession, is currently being recorded. Its first single, “Totemic Revival”, has been placed on the Satellite Symphony Volume #1 – Music From Beyond Borders, compilation featuring 12 artists from all over the world. His second single release “Sapphire Sun” is another testament to his diversity.

When not writing and performing, Adam can be found teaching his course ‘Creative Acoustic Guitar Techniques’ at clinics & workshops, leading AV productions at events across Western Canada, and adding digital audio production diploma & certifications like Avid Pro Tools and Waves Audio Plug-Ins to his resume. Adam uses Graphtech TUSQ guitar picks when in the studio and when performing live. Adam also has roots in music therapy, playing soothing guitar to welcoming ears.

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